Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re craving a brand new bathroom - or the very latest appliances - combined with the timeless charm and stunning visuals of yesteryear, traditional designs are best.

The traditional bathroom look is still popular, with its classical fixtures and fittings matching any home - period or modern. Even if you aren’t going for a complete overhaul with a traditional bathroom suite, there are steps you can take, piece by piece.

Plumbworld has picked the ways you can recreate this charming style in your own bathroom, from large scale to small, including everything from heating to walls and floors. So, whether you’re using traditional fittings for every element or combining them with contemporary pieces, we’re here to help your bathroom renovation project.

Read on to find out more about traditional bathroom ideas before starting your next design project…


There are various ways to transform your bathroom walls to match the traditional style, from botanical patterns through to neutral colours.

One option is to fit a glossed wall tile made up of small tiles in a brick-like pattern - called metro tiles. Whether you choose to go for white, cream, grey or beige, this is a simple way to get started on the traditional bathroom design scheme.

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These tiles can be paired with paint or wallpaper. For the perfect on-trend traditional style, the tiles should go just above your basin in height. Botanical wallpaper patterns or flat paint - either in the same colour as the tile or contrasting - work wonderfully.


Like your walls, there are design options here for the traditional bathroom trend, including patterned tiles and wood panels or vinyl.

Patterned bathroom floor tiles are extremely popular, with the majority styled in Victorian-type designs - where the traditional look sits. These are a smart choice while also adding a splash of colour and personality if the rest of your style is white or cream-coloured.

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Wood flooring, tiles or wood effect vinyl are both popular for traditional bathroom designs. Either light or dark wood effect works well in a traditional bathroom, no matter the size of your space. We have an excellent collection of bathroom wood flooring for all budgets.


When it comes to choosing the right bath for traditional bathroom design, your choices are between a slipper bath and a traditional free-standing bath.

Free-standing baths are often the centre-point of a bathroom and the same goes for traditional free-standing baths. A double-ended traditional free-standing bath is ideal for this look while roll-top designs add an extra luxurious touch to this bathroom style.

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Slipper baths - which has one end higher than the other, like a slipper - are a glamorous alternative for the traditional bathroom look. Thanks to their raised end, slipper baths are perfect for complete relaxation in a traditional bathroom suite.

These baths are ideally paired with traditional-looking free-standing bath shower mixer taps.


When it comes to getting the right shower in a traditional bathroom, beautiful exposed traditional showers or a fixed shower head are perfect for period design.

Traditional full mixer showers are ideal for a period bathroom suite. If you aren’t going for a fixed shower head, their exposed valves in chrome stunningly stand out against your walls. If they feature ceramic handles, this adds a touch of class and classical styling.

If you have gone for a concealed mixer shower, with your pipes and valves behind the shower wall, a fixed circular shower head is the best choice. Fixed to the wall, these traditional shower heads complement the period space, especially metro wall tiles.


When it comes to basins for a period bathroom design, you can go with the classic traditional basin on a pedestal or a wall-hung option.

Traditional wall-hung basins are stunningly simple and can provide space underneath, giving the impression of more space in your bathroom. Alternatively, to carry on with the exposed chrome look, a traditional bathroom sink with a washstand is a unique, classy touch.

Simple and classical, pedestal bathroom sinks remain popular despite the trend towards more contemporary styles within a vanity unit. These traditional basins feature period design details with a single tap hole or a double tap hole.


When it comes to traditional bathroom taps, think of them as the final touch of elegance for your period bathroom project.

For basin taps, the choice of either cross-head or lever handles works with any sink design and their ceramic touches add class. You can choose from Oxford and Worcester cross-heads or Winchester lever handles for a modern take on Georgian styling.

Free-standing and slipper bath taps can include a shower. These taps will typically sit in the middle of the bath but can be located at the end. Their ceramic details add a traditional touch of elegance for every period bathroom space.

Towel Rails

Aside from cleaning yourself, your bathroom can include traditionally-styled heating with period-designed towel radiators.

Providing a different look to the commonly found contemporary designs, traditional towel radiators combine modern technology with classical style. With their chrome finish, these towel rails will work perfectly alongside your taps and shower pipework.

The steel construction, and white radiator, will look as great as the day you bought it thanks to a rust-free lifespan, while a choice of sizes ensures the majority of traditional bathrooms can enjoy these beautiful radiator designs.

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