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Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats

Luxurious, Comfortable Toilet Seats

Toilet seats are a necessity in the bathroom unless you like sitting on the rim of the toilet, which most people don’t. A seat usually consists of a toilet lid and seat which are both attached to each other and then fitted onto the main bowl via bolts. As toilet seats are often changed in order to match new colour schemes, Plumbworld has extended the range to incorporate variety of new wood finish seats from antique pine to natural oak. There are also standard white toilet seats for a uniform finish as well as integrated child seats to ensure the entire family can use the toilet with minimal hassle.

Things To Consider When Buying Toilet Seats:

A toilet seat may seem a pretty straight forward purchase, but there’s a bit more to it than meets the eye. For one, not every toilet seat is compatible with every bowl and in the same respect, every seat won’t fit perfectly – there may be overhang or the actual fittings may not line up correctly. Therefore, dimensions and compatibility are big things to take into consideration, as well as the following factors:

Colours & Finishes: For those who want their bathroom to look as good as it functions, it’s imperative to match style and colour as much as possible. With a wide range of different colours, finishes and designs; Plumbworld has ensured that all buyers are catered for. Simplistic white toilet seats are ideal for a clean modern look, however if you’d prefer a bit more colour atop your bowl, you could opt for a seat from the coloured range. Wood finish is also extremely popular to tie in things such as wooden bath panels or accessories and with a wide range of different woods on offer, you will encounter no issues when it comes to style matching. Just make sure you choose the right shade of wood, trying to coordinate walnut and oak won’t work – so pick carefully.

Build Quality: There are three main types of toilet seats you will come across when shopping for a new one. Thermoset is a common material and is essentially a plastic polymer which has been heated and set once moulded. This offers a strong build quality and durability which will stand up to the frequent use a seat gets. Then there are wooden MDF toilet seats that most people upon first look will mistake for real wood. These are ideal for the bathroom as they will not leak or split due to temperature fluctuations; the trade off is that the look may not represent the true graining found on real wood. Finally there are genuine wooden seats which can come in a variety of finishes. These usually provide the best aesthetics for a bathroom due to deep graining effects and a real wood look; however, they may lack the comfort and ease of cleaning that other seats have.

Additional Features: Whilst toilet seats serve a simple purpose, they can also have a few simple features to make things even easier. Soft close hinges are one of the most popular features on toilet seats as this prevents the seat ever slamming shut. Not only does this protect the bowl from harsh hits, but it also reduces noise at night when others are sleeping and it can even encourage men to put the seat down! Some toilet seats also include a separate child seat between the main seat and the lid which is often held in place through the use of magnets. This is ideal for families that have a child just learning to use the toilet and want a simple solution without impacting normal toilet usability until they graduate to the full sized seat. Other seats also boast easy detachability which makes cleaning far simpler than attempting it whilst still attached.


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