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Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat


Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

Daily life in the modern world is hectic. We’re always busy doing something, and often we don’t even know when exactly we’re going to be at home. So flexibility when it comes to heating our homes is important, especially in the winter when you can be coming home to a cold house. The CM907 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat from Honeywell gives you the flexibility to set the heating to come on at your preferred time.

Want the heating to warm your home before you get home from home but don’t want to leave it on all day? Just set it to come on an hour or so before you arrive home.

In most of the weekend? Set the thermostat to come on during the day when it would normally be off.

It has an ultra-modern, slim design that won’t look out of place in your homes décor.

Warming up couldn’t be easier

Using the thermostat couldn’t be easier, and it’s complete with clear instructions to ensure you can quickly get the hang of it. An extra-large LCD display with backlight ensures it’s always simple to turn it on or change the settings, regardless of low light. It also comes with a clear dynamic text display, up and down buttons and an ‘ok’ button for easy operation.

It’s a brilliant way to maximised your homes energy efficiency, as you’ll never be wasting energy by leaving the heating on when it isn’t required.

Use for:

Used this thermostat for general purpose control of zone valves, boilers, thermal actuators, circulation pumps, heat pumps, electric heaters etc. in cooling and heating systems.

Full features and benefits:

  • Modern, slimline design.
  • Battery powered (a low-power indicator will appear when the batteries need replacing).
  • A large LCD display with backlighting (optional) so the controls can still be used in low lighting.
  • Time and date are continuously displayed.
  • Plain English dynamic text on the display.
  • A ‘burner on’ symbol will show when the heating is currently on and raising the temperature to your selected temperature.
  • Program across 7 days and up to 6 independent temperature and time settings.
  • Simple installation with 2 wire setup.
  • Automatic summer/winter time change.
  • Manual, automatic, off and override modes are included.
  • Holiday mode for when you won't be at home.
  • Built in optimum start (optional).
  • Temperature set point range is 5 – 35°C.
  • Voltage free contacts (switches 24-230V).
CE Approved

Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat Video

Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room ThermostatProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number CMT907A1041
Boxed Weight 0.19kg

Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room ThermostatDownloadable Documents

£61.51 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £99.97 Save  38%

20 Available 

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Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room ThermostatReviews

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4.8/ 5
9 reviews
4/ 5

all good - works well. Good delivery service from Plumbworld.

ID: 100021738
5/ 5

Great product, fast delivery, great price and outstanding customer service Well done !!

ID: 100020725
5/ 5

Does what it says on the tin! Quick and easy to install.

ID: 100023344
5/ 5

I had six to replace (in a large property) that had begun to lose their LCD displays after eight years. I left the original backplates on the wall. The longest part of the job was working out how much force was required to release the old unit from the backplate (more than you'd think!) without causing damage. Total time to replace all six, including reprogramming, a couple of minutes less than an hour... and I am only the gardener, in theory.
From getting the go-ahead to order from Plumbworld they were up-and-running in less than three days and the house was warm again... result!

ID: 100021977
5/ 5

Bought this to replace an 25 year old Honeywell analog thermostat and am very pleased with the results. The CM 907 gives great versatility with 6 programmable periods per day. Have found that to be more than I need but it's easy to disable periods if not needed and 4 periods has been the optimum so far. Very easy to swap the new unit for the old one. 2 wires and the whole thing done in 15 mins. Programming instructions were easy to follow but with hindsight I should have used the default settings for a week and then edited from that to what I need. Temperature control is so much more precise than before so far less overshoot in operation.

ID: 100001546
4/ 5

Bought this to replace an identical one that had a failed screen, was quite keenly priced and just clips onto the old backplate, had to read the instructions to program it and ended up telling the customer to slide to manual and adjust the room temperature as she felt she needed,little over complex for a room thermostat but it does what it says on the box,7 day programable with multi tempreture changes possible throughout the week/day , customer services were spot on and helpful

ID: 100022393
5/ 5

This connects easily to the existing wires from the old wall stat. It looks neat and modern and the display is easy to read. The ability to set different temperatures for morning/day/evening/overnight, and for different days of the week, saves fiddling.

I like the "holiday" setting so I can leave the house frost-free while empy and it will warm up automatically on my planned return date.

Very good value at Plumbworld.

ID: 100021886
5/ 5

I have replaced an old electro-mechanical thermostat with this one. Although it is expensive, I expect to recoup its cost with savings in my gas bill within about 15 months. I have used an older version with this saving in a previous house.

ID: 100005592

£61.51 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £99.97 Save  38%

20 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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