Greenwood Airvac Bathroom Extractor Fans

Greenwood Airvac have designed their range of bathroom extractor fans to suit any style of bathroom and to blend with most bathroom accessories. They’re all the standard 100mm size and come in a variety of designs with a multitude of settings depending on how you’d like it to look and function in your suite. We’ve got practical designs, discreet designs and decorative designs all combined with either standard fans, silent fans, timer fans and humidity fans. Timer fans will work with your bathroom lights and usually run for a set period of time after the light has been switched off and humidity fans will measure the levels of moisture in the air and turn on if they get to high, it will then continue to run until humidity has reach a low enough level again.

  1. Greenwood Airvac Affresco Discreet D100TW Extractor Fan

  2. Greenwood Airvac Affresco Decorative Extractor Fan & Timer

  3. Greenwood Airvac Silent SR100TR Extractor Fan with Timer

    Best Seller!

    Greenwood Airvac Silent SR100TR Extractor Fan with Timer