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Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kW


Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kW

The revolutionary Topaz T100si is all about ensuring your showering time is simple, safe, and utterly satisfying. An LCD display lets you know all the important information you need to know. Lifespan is also greatly improved through the use of a unique limescale trap. This is removable for an easy cleaning process.

Topaz T100si Display Features

Triton Topaz T100Si Electric Shower

1. The temperature of the shower is displayed as °C.

2. The temperature display features a segmented design. Flashing arrows indicate whether the temperature is being turned up or down, which will add or remove segments on the display to correspond to the increase or decrease.

3. This display indicates when the 'phased shutdown' process has started. This will display when you press the Stop button and is designed to flush preheated water from the shower so that it is safe to use for the next user. This process will take a few seconds before the shower shuts off completely.

4. (& 5.) These warning indicators will flash red to alert you to a drop in water pressure, which will affect the effectiveness of your shower. The second display will also let you know if the showerhead needs cleaning to prevent limescale build-up and a decrease in efficiency.

Triton Topaz T100Si Electric Shower

Features and Benefits:

  • The temperature is controlled thermostatically to ensure a consistently safe temperature.
  • Save your favourite settings with a separate start/stop push button. Stopping the shower will also initiate the 'phased shutdown' process, which flushes the hot water from the system before the next user.
  • Uses the push button power selector to select between cold, economy, and high settings.
  • Easily understandable LCD display.
  • Rub-clean showerhead with 5 always refreshing spray patterns.
  • Funky interchangeable fascias with 6 colours.
  • Unique limescale trap system ensures performance and increased life.
  • Covered by a 2-year manufacturer guarantee.

Key Technical Information:

  • Compatible for use with your home's mains cold water supply.
  • Minimum running pressure: 1 Bar at 8 litres per minute.
  • Power rating: 8.5kW.
  • Water entry points are located on the right-hand side of the unit at the top, bottom, and back.
CE Approved

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kW Video

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kWProduct Specification

Electrical Entry Points Top, Bottom, Back (Left Hand Side)
Type Electric
kW 8.5
Finish White & Chrome
Guarantee 2 Years
Water Inlets Top, Bottom, Back (Right Hand Side)
Shower Head & Riser Kit Supplied Yes
Multi Spray 5
Manufacturer Part Number SP1I48SI
Boxed Weight 4kg

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kWDownloadable Documents

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kWDimensions

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kW - Dimensions
Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kW - Dimensions - 2

£248.21 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £314.98 Save  £66

49 Available 

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.5kWReviews

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own review

4.9/ 5
9 reviews
5/ 5

Pros: Looks durable

Cons: Slightly tricky to install with cut outs not very well lined up

A well made good quality shower unit

ID: 100014320
5/ 5

Pros: very easy to fit

lovely unit that complements the en-suite shower room and has an exceptional good shower head
the LCD provides an excellent night light

ID: 100007211
5/ 5

I have been told that this shower is excellent. This item was purchased for a friend.

ID: 100008581
5/ 5

Pros: Nice looking and very efficient

Cons: None

I purchased the above shower as our original had finally given up, there was no question that I replaced like for like.

When I called to purchase the replacement the lady I spoke to couldn't have been more helpful. She even made sure that the order was expressed so we would receive it before the Bank Holiday.

Delightful help and service

ID: 100016733
5/ 5

Pros: Easy to fit

Cons: None

Good quality shower good value for money excellent service.

ID: 100012291
4/ 5

Pros: Design compliments my bathroom, it was easy to fit,give a strong flow of hot water and simple to operate.

Cons: A faulty part had to be replaced to the brand new unit but once that was done, it worked fine.

Fully satisfied with the quality of the product and its performance

ID: 100017525
5/ 5

Pros: Easy to use: as can be seen above, we wouldn't have bought a second unit if we weren't completely happy with the first. VERY durable, easy to clean and trouble free.

Cons: We weren't offered a choice of shower head/pipe/ attachments. Not long after we bought our first, we had to spend extra cash for replacement bits.

We fitted our original Triton Topaz T100si when we re-vamped the main bathroom in 2007.
When we built a wet room in 2010, to accommodate a member of family who was a 24/7 wheelchair user, there was no question which shower we would choose! We were not disappointed on our choice.

ID: 100014018
5/ 5

This is a replacement for our original Triton shower which
gave excellent service for 10 years. This new one has an
improved shower head and seems to come up to
temperature faster than the original. I would recommend
this product.

ID: 100008814
5/ 5

Pros: Can be fitted without upgrading your wiring, Keeps constant Temperature , Up-to-date looking

Cons: None

Previous shower was Triton and only around 3 years old BUT, was NOT thermostatically controlled (it was not that expensive to be fair); New bathrooms meant- New showers (I bought 2) - What a diffence -Like Showers again!

It looks good as well moving away from the "old" traditional image fitting in with new modern bathrom decor.

Best price I found

ID: 100005113

£248.21 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £314.98 Save  £66

49 Available 

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