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ShowerSeal Ultra 10


ShowerSeal ShowerSeal

ShowerSeal Ultra 10 is the newest, simplest and most effective way of sealing your shower tray to a tiled wall now with a 10 year mould warranty.


ShowerSeal Ultra 10 in kit form

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the shower sealant had gone black and mouldy or found there is a gap between the wall and the shower tray for the water to seep through? Most people have experienced this, but solving this problem is now an easy one thanks to ShowerSeal Ultra 10.


By having ripple teeth on the profile rather than the traditional "hollow" shower trims, the adhesion between the wall, the profile and the shower tray is maximised to give a longer lasting seal that is flexible yet strong.

ShowerSeal Ultra 10 was designed to overcome the above problems and is by far the best way of achieving a lasting watertight seal between the shower tray and the tiled wall. Tried and tested since 2000, without any failures.

Designed to be an "easy fit" product, ShowerSeal Ultra 10 has pre-profiled ends to make the installation so simple, even a DIY novice could handle it.


Corner joint showing super neat Interlock system and Pre profiled ends make for incredibly simple installation.

No more 45 degree angles to cut thanks to the patented "Interlock System", ShowerSeal looks great when fitted, but most importantly works extra hard to prevent those annoying leaks from happening in your bathroom.

ShowerSeal Ultra 10 helps prevent damage to flooring, ceilings, plasterwork, timber joists and floorboards and stop those large repair bills from arriving unannounced.

It also works hard to eliminate the damp musty smells that often follow when bathrooms suffer water damage. Plus by using a high modulus antifungicidal sealant supplied in the kit as standard, it severely reduces the risk of black mould forming if cleaned regularily.

  • Designed to be easily fitted and maintenance free with a 10 year mould warranty
  • Resistant to all normal bathroom cleaning products
  • Installation takes approximately 30 minutes max
  • Special silicone sealant allows some expansion and movement
  • Suitable for Rectangular shower trays up to 1.5m x 1m Max Size
  • Suitable for Square shower trays up to 1m x 1m Max Size
  • 1 x 1.5m and 1 x 1.0m profile included in kit

Supplied as a complete kit, including:

  • Special quadrant profile with "pre-profiled" ends
  • 310ml tube of special antifungicidal silicone sealant with a 10 year mould warranty
  • 2 Sealant nozzles for expert fitting (fine & coarse)
  • Bath wipe to clean the area to ensure complete adhesion
  • Full step by step fitting instructions
CE Approved

ShowerSeal Ultra 10 Video

ShowerSeal Ultra 10Product Specification

Manufacturer Part Number SSWK02
Boxed Weight 1.35kg

ShowerSeal Ultra 10Downloadable Documents

£39.80 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £89.98 Save  £50

22 Available 

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ShowerSeal Ultra 10Reviews

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4.9/ 5
7 reviews
5/ 5

I hsd used a previous prouduct but it leaked . This has cured the problem looks good and was easy to fit.

ID: 100019153
5/ 5

Great kit, does exactly what it says on the tin. With the ends being pre-cut makes it really easy to get a nice fit to the shower tray.

ID: 100022710
5/ 5

It seems to have solved the problem of a leaking shower tray, which has never been a perfect fit due to the uneven nature of the walls, and I have struggled for several years in trying to stop the leaks. It also looks very neat without any bulging and ugly silicone

ID: 100001442
5/ 5

All went well easy to fit and shower does not leak

ID: 100020552
4/ 5

Found the instructions easy to follow, item well made and looked good when fitted also the sealant was of a very good quality, overall very satisfied. Thankyou

ID: 100005837
5/ 5

Good delivery time excellent product. Easy to fit and looks superb. Absolutely no complaints, will use the company for all my plumbing needs going forward.

ID: 100021833
5/ 5

if removing old sealant, the best advice i found was to use a sharp chisel. worked better than anything. don't bother with the gizmos.

also, when installing, i would advise cutting off a short length (assuming you don't need the full length of seal provided) and sticking it to something you can throw away; this will allow you to see how much sealant you need. i made the mistake of using way too big a bead and then ended up with sealant everywhere once i pushed the seal into place. less is definitely more!

oh yes--unless you install these every day, it won't take the 20 minutes or whatever they say to install. allow yourself a good couple of hours, especially if removing old sealant. and doing it as per the video will probably remain a dream!

otherwise, great product and pleased with the result.

ID: 7554697

£39.80 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £89.98 Save  £50

22 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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