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Danfoss 3060 6 Position Programmer


Danfoss 3060 6 Position Programmer

We all know that it’s not economical or advisable to have your heating on all day, right? Even though at times, many of us would love to be able to walk into our homes to be greeted with a blast of hot air, or boiling water on tap, especially when there’s a chill in the air outside.

But, what if we said, you can enjoy hot water and heating on demand, without the guilt or expense of leaving your heating on all day? This Danfoss 3060 6 Position Programmer embraces the latest, innovative technology to allow you to control both your heating and domestic hot water systems.

Simple to use and incredibly functional, this effective device features a smart 24-hour clock with colour coded on and off tappets, allowing you to schedule two on and off periods per day.

Product Features:

  • Simple to operate
  • 24 hour electro-mechanical
  • Program heating and hot water
  • 6 position programmer
  • 2 on/offs per day
  • 55 C max ambient temperature
  • Dimensions 102 W x 210 H x 60mm D
CE Approved

Danfoss 3060 6 Position ProgrammerProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number 087N652800
Boxed Weight 0.9kg

£161.16 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £239.98 Save  £78

32 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

Danfoss 3060 6 Position ProgrammerReviews

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4.9/ 5
9 reviews
5/ 5

Great replacement just slotted straight in to the old ones back plate. Was up and running in minutes.

ID: 100008107
5/ 5

The above controller is an updated version of a similar one that had functioned well for at least 20 years. It fitted exactly into position and required minimal wiring adjustment. After about a month it continues to work well. I prefer the 'mecanhical' timers . I find them trouble free and easy to adjust. I would certainly buy another one.

ID: 100022385
5/ 5

This product is simply the Randall 3060 by another name. Why they have had to change the name god only knows. Isn't life complicated enough. Thank the lord that spades and forks and still called spades and forks and we don't have to write a review every time we purchase a new one. I'm hoping to purchase a ball of garden twine next week. The Lord Harry only knows how I'm going to generate enough enthusiasm to review a ball of string. The World has gone MAD.

ID: 100022838
5/ 5

Very good service from Plumbworld, easy to install, just replaced front of timer to existing back box

ID: 100005227
5/ 5

exact match to original, very fast service, highly recommend this company

ID: 100001784
4/ 5

I wish I could say that this device transformed my life or made me younger and better looking but no I can't. I can say that it replaced an earlier version of itself which was 21 years old and it seems to work fine so far. Hopefully this will also last 21 years as well, we shall see!

ID: 100023508
5/ 5

This was purchased as a direct replacement for one where the timer had stopped working. Didn't even had to change the back plate, slide out, slide in. Up and running within 5 minutes. Could have got it cheaper elsewhere such as ebay, but felt it was worth paying the extra for Plumbworlds reputation and quality of service. Worth every penny and a great product.

ID: 100010728
5/ 5

This 'Danfoss' programmer was a replacement for an existing programmer for my central heating system that had a broken mechanism. I took the old programmer off the wall next to my boiler and simply slotted the replacement in. So simple and did the job.
The item was ordered from Plumbworld and received within two days.

ID: 100013893

£161.16 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £239.98 Save  £78

32 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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