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Shower Heads and Handsets

Shower Heads and Handsets

Stylish Shower Kits & Shower Heads

Whilst the main operating function of a shower comes from the valve; a lot of attention should still be paid to the riser kit and shower head. Both of these will have a direct impact on your showering experience due to flow rate, usability and aesthetics. Choosing the right shower head can transform a dull lifeless shower into something much more invigorating and enjoyable to use. The looks of a riser kit can also help your shower kit blend in or stand out from the rest of your bathroom – whichever you prefer. With a wide range of Mira, Triton and Aqualisa shower kits available, there’s something for everyone’s bathroom at Plumbworld.

A Selection Of Shower Heads

With shower heads and handsets making up one of the most important components on the shower; we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure we have the most extensive range available on the market. This ensures everyone has the ability to customise and create their dream shower, regardless of budget. Whether you want to be drenched by an overhead deluge head or if you want a detachable handset to wash your hair, there’s a comprehensive selection available at Plumbworld. However, if you’d like the option of both, there are shower kits that include both an overhead deluge as well as a separate handset, both of which can be operated individually. We also offer the option of a fixed position showerhead which can be accompanied by a built in valve for a truly minimalist look.

Spray Modes

Whilst the overall pressure and force of your shower is dictated by your flow rate and shower valve; the final spray that hits you is all down to your shower head. That’s why it’s extremely important to choose a shower head with a spray that will meet your showering requirements. Many of the newer shower heads from Mira, Triton and Aqualisa feature several spray modes which allow you to choose your favourite. One of the most popular spray options is the eco-setting which can reduce water consumption considerably; ideal for those who are looking to save money on bills. However, if you’re more concerned about getting the best showering experience possible, there are a variety of other spray modes which are easily adjustable and able to be tailored to your showering preferences for the best experience possible.

Stylish Shower Kits

A shower kit plays just as much of a part in the styling of your shower as the valve does and therefore you need to make sure you choose wisely. With a wide variety of styles available, there’s something to suit the design of any bathroom decor; whether it’s traditionally themed or high-tech and modern. For contemporary designs; straight lines, square brackets and minimalist handsets with a variety of spray options will certainly fit in well. However, if the traditional look is what you’re after, consider curvaceous designs with antique styling features and handles. This coupled with a variety of colours including chrome, white, black and even gold, will make matching your shower and bathroom colour scheme as simple as possible.

Some shower kits also feature additional accessories such as hose retainers and soap dishes which can also have an effect on the overall styling. It’s important to take into account the shape and colour to ensure your entire shower kit fits in with the style of the bathroom rather than contrasting it.


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