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Beautiful Bathrooms From Plumbworld

No matter what anyone says, everyone deep down wants the perfect bathroom; something which looks fantastic as well as having all the features and functionality they need. Whilst this does come down to personal preference, we’ve been providing a wide range of bathroom items for over 14 years that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Whether that’s a modern contemporary style or something that takes you back to a more traditional time with soft curves and classical designs, we can help. With a handpicked selection of the most exceptional bathroom products on the market, there’s something for everyone at Plumbworld regardless of budget.

Things To Consider When Buying & Designing Your Bathroom:

The number one priority when you’re looking to invest in a brand new bathroom is making sure you’re happy with it. That means you need to be content with the design and know that you’ll be happy with it 5 years down the line and you also need to ensure enough functionality for the family. If everyone’s a shower person you might be able to do without a bath, but if someone loves a long soak, you have to cater to them. The following are all factors that you need to take into account before you buy, some will come down personal taste whilst others are more generic guidelines:

Styling & Design: As touched on earlier, the styling and design of the bathroom comes down to personal preference. However, you may be restricted by budget, so take this into account before your heart gets set on anything. Styling can be broken down into contemporary and traditional at a high level and there are pros and cons to both. If you opt for a modern styled bathroom you will have a much larger range of products to choose from and because of the popularity of this design, prices will likely be lower on average. On the other hand, traditionally styled bathrooms will be much more restricted by product selection as there are far less options on the market. Traditional bathroom items are also dearer to buy in comparison to the equivalent contemporary fittings, so make sure you have the budget first. Don’t forget that colours will also factor into the design process. Now whilst most people opt for a neutral white bathroom, people are now experimenting with accent colours to break up the plain colour throughout. Think blues, woods and grains – these are the most prevalent.

Size Requirements: The size of the bathroom is a limiting factor on what you can buy; especially if you’re planning on fitting the most you can in there. Pay close attention to dimensions and where possible make a bathroom plan and sketch in provisional unit sizes to ensure you don’t overcrowd or leave too much unused space. Keeping a rough sketch will also help you to plan floor space and ensure all bathroom fittings can be reached and accessed without any problems. If you’re truly struggling with space you might want to look at our comprehensive range of cloakroom items or wall hung in order to fully utilise the space available.

Essentials: When you’re designing your bathroom make sure you don’t overlook the essentials. We’ve seen it all, people who have opted to have a fancy bidet installed and not left enough room for a regular toilet as well as people who have completely neglected heating since their walls were taken up with vanity units. Before you really get into extras, make sure you have the necessities accounted for. A toilet and washbasin are the prime candidates, followed closely by a shower or bath as well as heating and lighting. Extractor fans might also be required, but these things will differ on a case by case basis as all bathrooms are individual.

Finishing The Look: Now you’ve got the essentials in place you can begin to put your stamp on the room. Do you want a standard bath panel or do you want something a bit more decorative and outstanding? Do you prefer a separate shower enclosure or do you want a shower bath to tackle 2 jobs in one? Either way, make sure you don’t forget all the bathroom accessories as well; you’ll ideally want somewhere to hang your toilet paper, towels and robes. Whatever it is you’re after, Plumbworld has a massive range of quality items that will cover most bathroom requirements even for those on a shoestring budget – just have a browse.

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