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Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner


Aqualux Shower Blade Glass Cleaner

So you’ve got a brand new shower enclosure in your bathroom, it looks fantastic doesn’t it? Fast forward a few weeks later and your sparkling crystal clear glass enclosure is murky and covered in soap scum. That attractive designer look you were going for has been ruined, simply because you used the shower as it was intended.

So how do we combat this? You could use a damp cloth to wipe it down, but in our experience that doesn’t leave it looking as good as it originally did. The answer comes in the form of the Aqualux Shower Blade, which will effortlessly wipe away that soap scum and limescale to leave your enclosure dazzling again.

You can even use it on tiles, car windscreens or home windows, and you don’t have to use any chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to wipe away dirt on both straight and curved glass.
  • Easy to use with an easy grip, contoured design.
  • To get the most out of it, use this daily after every shower to reduce the risk of limescale.
  • Integral wall attachment for holding when not in use.
  • No chemicals required.
CE Approved

Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner Video

Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner360 Image


Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass CleanerProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number FAC0011AQU
Boxed Weight 0.1kg

£8.98 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £24.97 Save  64%

21 Available 

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Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass CleanerReviews

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4.9/ 5
27 reviews
5/ 5

Shower blade is a great little gadget , shaped so as to wipe larger areas and get into smaller areas of shower doors to keep clean and free of water marks

ID: 100012482
5/ 5

So glad I bought this, versatile, quick and efficient for daily cleaning. Comfortable to use, and seems durable as in use since August 2015

ID: 100020128
5/ 5

Simple and very useful to use.

ID: 100021929
5/ 5

Excellent, just as described, and it works a treat!

ID: 100021322
5/ 5

This blade makes it so easy to clean the enclosure glass, and even the tiles in the shower.
Spend 2 minutes after taking shower and use the blade to save yourself hours of cleaning later.

ID: 100001372
4/ 5

The Aqualux certainly cleans the shower glass very effectively and the curved side is a real bonus. BUT the annoying point about the design as you can see from the photo - the blade at both ends is shorter than the 'handle' or 'frame' and you just cannot get up close to the edge of the shower. It is such simple but annoying error in design.

ID: 100020149
5/ 5

Shower blade to wipe away water from glass shower cubicle and tiles after showering,product is excellent,does the job,soft rubber cannot damage tiles or glass,used after every shower to protect against black midew and water discolouring of tiles,grout etc.
Leaves shower as new.

ID: 100006034
4/ 5

Does the job with minimal fuss and all you can ask for

ID: 100021332
5/ 5

Great product,first class price and cleans shower screen in seconds, can certainly recommend this product.

ID: 100004351
5/ 5

Excellent product - does what it says on the tin.
Very easy to use. Keeps glass clean and dry.

ID: 100019879

£8.98 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £24.97 Save  64%

21 Available 

Offer ends in

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