Greenwood Airvac Extractor Fans

Keep Your Bathroom Mildew And Mould Free With Greenwood

Greenwood Airvac have been in the bathroom extractor fan market for some time now and it shows with their stunningly simple designs and precision engineered motors. Our range of Greenwood Airvac Extractor Fans come in all shapes, sizes and extraction rates with prices to suit every budget. Timer and humidistat options are available so you can have the fan run after you’ve turned it off for a longer period of time or activate when humidity levels in the room get too high. Technology eh? It’s pretty darn clever!

  1. Greenwood Airvac Affresco Discreet D100TW Extractor Fan

  2. Greenwood Airvac Silent SR100TR Extractor Fan with Timer

  3. Greenwood Airvac Affresco Decorative Extractor Fan & Timer

  4. Greenwood Airvac HC115BBK Shower Extractor Fan with Light

  5. Greenwood Airvac HC115TBK Shower Extractor Fan Light

    Best Seller!

    Greenwood Airvac HC115TBK Shower Extractor Fan Light