Benefits of Dual Shower Heads


Dual shower heads come with a variety of benefits from providing a spa like experience in your own home to creating more flexibility when showering. But why should you buy one? Read on to learn more about their features and to find out why a dual head shower might just be perfect for you.

What is a dual-head shower?

A dual head shower is as it says in the name a shower that features two heads, most commonly an overhead drencher and a shower handset, however there can be some flexibility on the chosen heads.

Dual shower heads may be perfect for a family home where everyone prefers a different type of shower. You may find your husband or wife prefers a drencher head while you prefer a shower handset and you're left wondering which to choose. By choosing a shower that’s compatible with dual shower heads you can easily have the luxury of both.

Types of shower head

Whether you’re looking to create a truly relaxing or invigorating shower experience, then choosing the correct shower heads for your needs is essential.

No matter the type of shower head you prefer, always check its patterns before committing to a purchase. In most cases the spray pattern can be controlled on each shower head allowing you to easily tailor the shower to your individual needs. Whether you desire the feeling of light rainfall or a full deluge you’re guaranteed to be more than satisfied.

Dual shower heads are a wonderful solution if you find the rest of your body gets cold whilst using a shower handset. Set both your fixed and handheld head to the perfect temperature and we guarantee your whole body will be kept lovely and warm.

Shower handsets


Shower handsets are perfect for both handheld or static use and work especially well when combined with a fixed shower head. They can also be particularly handy for swilling out the bath, due to their flexible nature and long hoses.

Fixed shower heads

Fixed shower heads come in a variety of styles and sizes with multiple functionalities and are available in either ceiling or wall hung options. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of each.

Ceiling hung


Ceiling hung shower heads are installed straight into your ceiling above your bath or inside a shower enclosure. They are perfect for creating a true rainfall experience as you don’t need to stoop or bend to feel the full effect of the shower. Ceiling hung shower heads are perfect for all the family allowing even the tallest member to enjoy a relaxing shower.

Considerations need to be made regarding the spray of a ceiling-hung shower head, as they are likely to cast their spray further and wider than a wall-hung or handheld shower head. If you have a particularly small bathroom or intend to install your shower head over a bath without a suitable shower screen or curtain, then a wall-hung shower head might be the best choice.

Wall hung


Some wall-hung shower heads, like handsets, can be adjusted in height making them fully adaptable for the whole family. They can be especially useful if you have both children, and adults over 6ft, needing to use the same shower.

What types of showers come with dual shower heads?

If you’re looking to purchase a new shower with the need for dual shower heads in mind, then doing some research into the types of showers that are compatible is essential.

You should also keep in mind that even if a shower has the ability to install both a shower handset and fixed head that they might not be able to run at the same time. These types of dual-head showers will include a diverter that will switch the water from your fixed head to the handset or vice versa.

Therefore, if you are looking for a shower that will run simultaneously from both a handset and fixed head then you need to ensure you choose one with the capacity to do so. Read on to find out which types of showers have this capability.

Digital and mixer showers

Digital showers and mixer showers are available in a variety of configurations. If you're looking for a dual head shower where you can run a handset and fixed head simultaneously then a digital or mixer shower is the way to go. However, you should always do your research as not all digital and mixer showers have the capability to run both heads simultaneously.

Electric showers

Electric showers have the potential for more configurations than just a shower handset, however, this doesn’t stand for them all. Therefore, we suggest doing so research in advance if you want to use a fixed shower head with an electric shower.

Power showers

Power showers, however, don’t have the capability for multiple configurations and therefore aren’t a viable choice for dual shower heads.

For more information on different types of showers and their capabilities to work with dual heads take a look at this handy video guide from James at plumberparts.

How much does a dual head shower cost?


If you’re looking for a truly luxurious dual head shower that doesn’t break the bank then look no further. Our extensive range of dual head showers includes our own beautiful options as well as wonderful choices from one of the leading shower manufacturers, Mira.

Depending on the brand, size and head capabilities a dual head shower can vary greatly on price. With prices starting around £90 and going up to as much as £750 for a top of the range option.

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