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Plastic Toilet Seats

It's the Best Selling Colour for a Reason

White toilet seats have long been the standard in bathrooms and cloakrooms. The reason for this is threefold; it fits in with the majority of other white fittings. It’s rare to find furniture and fittings that aren’t white in the bathroom, and a white seat blends well into the standard look. It wears well, even after many years of use, you can be sure our white toilet seats will still look as they did the day you got it. As well as this, white is argued to be the easiest to clean, so for those obsessive cleaners, white is the way to go. See our full range of high quality MDF and thermoplastic offerings below...!

We recommend

Carrara & Matta Gap Sta-Tite White Toilet Seat

Was £44.98

Saving 37%


  • Essentials White Toilet Seat



  • Essentials Black Toilet Seat



  • Essentials Light Weight White Toilet Seat



  • Bemis 3900 White Toilet Seat



    Bemis Toilet Seats
  • Carrara & Matta Gap Sta-Tite White Toilet Seat



    Carrara & Matta
  • Affine Heavy Weight Soft Close White Toilet Seat



  • Ceramica Medium Weight Soft Close White Toilet Seat




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