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Hyrdolux Spare Bottom Seal For 760mm 6mm Hinged Doors


Hydrolux Spare Bottom Seal For 760mm Hinged Doors

However efficient you are at cleaning in the bathroom, it seems that those little soft plastic seals which go around the bottom of the shower door are the weakest link. Over time they can get discoloured by cleaning products or toiletries, and a scruffy seal makes the whole shower door look unloved and even worse, unclean. If you’ve inherited a shower in a new house, or if you’ve been living with your shower for a few years, a discoloured seal might make you think you’ve no alternative but to replace the whole door.

Simple Replacement

Luckily, replacing the seal on the bottom of the shower door is an incredibly simple job, it really is just a case of sliding the old one off, and sliding on the new one in its place. It’s the best way of giving your shower an instant facelift, and making it look as good as new. This particular seal is designed for a 760mm hinged door, and other sizes are available.

CE Approved

£4.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £9.94 Save  50%

9 Available 

Hyrdolux Spare Bottom Seal For 760mm 6mm Hinged DoorsReviews

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5/ 5

Works fine no issues looks good and keeps floor dry-------------------------------------------

ID: 100019969

£4.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £9.94 Save  50%

9 Available 

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