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Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste


Hydrolux High Flow Shower Trap Waste (90mm)

If you’ve made the sensible decision to purchase a Hydrolux shower tray, then you need one of these supreme shower wastes to complete the job.

The waste is so efficient, it carries water so quickly that it barely has chance to build up in the tray. It carries away an incredible 48 litres of water per minute when fitted correctly.

Made entirely of recycled materials, the Hydrolux Waste is easy to fit, comes apart really easily when required, and only needs the occasional clean by way of maintenance.

This 90mm model, like all of Hydrolux’s waste products, conforms to the rigorous BS EN 274-1:2002, which may look like binary code to the untrained eye but is actually one of the most stringent testing procedures around.

Product information:

  • High flow shower trap waste system
  • Water flow of 48 litres per minute
  • Easy clean and maintenance
  • Ensures your tray does not overflow during a shower
CE Approved

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap WasteProduct Specification

Waste Type Shower Trap
Waste Size 90mm
Mechanism None
Boxed Weight 0.35kg

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap WasteDownloadable Documents

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap WasteDimensions

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste - Dimensions

£29.98 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £49.97 Save  40%

37 Available 

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap WasteReviews

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4.7/ 5
6 reviews
5/ 5

Great product that drains quicker than you can put water in, and a low profile to go with it

ID: 100023722
5/ 5

Looks good,works well,fits in with other Hydrolux stuff perfectly,because top comes off is easy to keep clean,A MUST..

ID: 100021838
5/ 5

One of the best, easy to maintain to clean etc and in appearance

ID: 100022477
4/ 5

I don't normally leave reviews but I was particularly pleased with this product.
I Replaced the existing shower trap waste as the shallow shower tray was filling up with water from high flow power shower and not draining quickly enough causing leaks from the shower tray.
The Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste drains the water away a lot quicker and the shower tray no longer fills up. it just about copes with the amount of water while the shower is running but clears the water completely almost immediately you turn the shower off whereas the other waste was still draining for a while after. It is as it says, a High Flow Shower Waste and would recommend it for use with a power shower or shallow shower tray. As the Shower tray no longer fills up with water which minimises the chance of leaks.
The down side and the reason for only 4 stars is there isn't any hair trap in the waste to prevent hair going down the drain.

ID: 100023117
5/ 5

I ordered this because I thought that the shower tray seemed shallow and I wanted the water moving away quickly, there isn't much of a fall either to the soil pipe. does exactly what it says and was delivered with the shower cubicle. Great service

ID: 100020942
4/ 5

looks fab installed with a chrome top. easy to keep clean and easy to install.

ID: 100021441

£29.98 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £49.97 Save  40%

37 Available 

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