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Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails

Keep Your Bathrooms Warm In Style

Over the last few years heated towel rails and radiators have come into the bathroom market and made a big impact. They’ve come so far in such a short space of time that it has almost become a bathroom necessity; especially to those that value style and functionality. The biggest benefit of installing a heated towel rail or radiator is that it addresses 2 jobs in one item, heating your bathroom and drying towels. As we’ve made it a priority to keep our heated towel rails at a low price, there is a huge saving to be had over buying a standard radiator and rail separately.

A Combination Of Form And Functionality

Gone are the days where having a standard convector radiator sat on your bathroom wall is considered the norm. These are swiftly being replaced by heated towel rails that provide both form and function in a manner that will only add style to the bathroom. With a variety of sizes in both curved and flat rails to suit your room’s space requirements, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that fits your wall perfectly. You also have the luxury of choosing from a range of finishes; chrome and white are the most common as these will lend themselves to virtually any bathroom style. However, if you’re feeling daring, luxury designer radiators offer even more colour choices to experiment with...

Dual Fuel Adjustability

Many of the heated towel rails and radiators available at Plumbworld also come with the option of a dual fuel element that allows them to be heated by both an electrical source and your main central heating system. In the colder months you’ll definitely want your bathroom heating linked to your main system, however, when the temperature increases chances are you won’t want to waste money heating the entire house just to get your towels warm. This is where the electrical element comes into its own as you can simply turn it on when required and save money by not needing to turn on the central heating. This versatility is just one of the things that have made heated towel rails such a popular bathroom fitting throughout the UK.

Standard Or Designer?

The standard vs designer war continues to rage on, even in the heated towel range. Many people assume that standard towel rails don’t have the same build quality as those that are labelled designer, but that is simply not true. We’ve gone to huge extents to ensure that the entire range of heated towel rails and radiators we provide are of the highest quality possible. Although the standard rails are more affordable for those on a budget, that doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality or efficiency. In fact, designer towel rails are simply more expensive due to the time invested in the design and manufacturing process. Because they aren’t as common or prominent as regular designs, very few are produced which results in extra cost to make and higher prices to sell. However, the trade off for this price is a very rare design that you won’t find in every other bathroom – the choice is yours. Whichever you decide upon, there’s a huge range of both styles on the Plumbworld site to suit every requirement and bathroom.


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