Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste Kit


Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste Kit

Most of us think more about the look of our lovely new sink rather than worry about what goes on underneath with the plumbing, but this is an obviously essential part of the installation job. Double sinks are hugely popular and a practical choice for a busy family kitchen, and this is the type of waste which you need to link the two separate bowl wastes into your current plumbing connections. This waste can be used with either full double sinks, and also with one and a half style sinks.

Easy to Fit

This waste is really easy to fit, and can be used to replace an existing waste which has sprung a leak as well as installing along with a new sink. This is a high quality item which will prove reliable and useful in your kitchen or even home utility room for years to come. You’ll be able to replace or install this simple waste by yourself, or if you prefer to get the professionals in, they’ll make quick work of it.

Features and Benefits:

  • Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Plumbing Kit
  • For use with 1.5 and 2.0 bowl kitchen sinks
CE Approved

Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste Kit360 Image


Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste KitProduct Specification

Waste Type Kitchen Sink Waste
Waste Size 1 1/2"
Mechanism 2 Bowl Sink
Manufacturer Part Number 112.0052.536
Boxed Weight 0.59kg

Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste KitDownloadable Documents

Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste KitDimensions

Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste Kit - Dimensions

£23.80 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £54.97 Save  56%

28 Available 

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Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste KitReviews

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4.9/ 5
21 reviews
5/ 5

It gave me enouph space to put a 50L bin under the sink
a must

ID: 100000961
5/ 5

very flexible item, easy to fit, made perfectly for the job. Excellent product and service

ID: 100014056
5/ 5

Bought this unit, so please with the amount of space it released under the sink. So easy to fit too.

ID: 100008251
5/ 5

Buy this is if you need an integrated kitchen sink waste.
The saved storage space under the sink is huge and it should be a defacto standard for waste fittings.
Flexible in postioning and pipes are long enough to fit nearly all sink configurations.
The only drawback is the naff silver colour, white would be better.

ID: 100005526
5/ 5

Great piece of kit which fixes snugly under the sink bowls.Also provides for dishwasher and washing machine waste connections.Brill, for the first time ever we have no wasted space under the sink.

ID: 100004604
5/ 5

Great plumbing kit, makes installation easy and keeps the cupboard tidy with loads of room avaialble. I angled the waste to be near the back of the cupboard and therefore there is minimal loss of space - unlike the old waste setup.

ID: 100002273
5/ 5

Sorry about the delay as I thought I had already done this. No problem with the delivery or price and said same waste has been fitted and working well for a month nearly. Keep it up folks.

ID: 100001633
5/ 5

So easy to fit and looks good,not like other waste kits on the market.

ID: 100021747
5/ 5

Would have preferred white but excellent quality!

ID: 100021753
5/ 5

Excellent value waste kit and good service from Plumbworld - Thank you

ID: 100003522
5/ 5

Super, well-thought out product. Sits very compact at the back of the cupboard. The plumber did some very neat extra plumbing and because these waste pipes are compact, his work also sat very neatly allowing for most of the cupboard to be used. It might only be waste pipes but i am impressed nonetheless.

ID: 100022073

£23.80 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £54.97 Save  56%

28 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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