Cramer Acrylic Care Bundle


Cramer Acrylic Care Bundle

Cramer Acrylic Cleaner

Acrylic shower trays and bathubs are rapidly growing in popularity. They feel warm and smooth – but their surfaces are also very sensitive. Keeping the brilliance and gloss of an acrylic bathtub requires a specifically gentle care. The Cramer Acrylic Cleaner has been developed exactly for these delicate and glossy surfaces. Without difficulties the cleaner removes limescale, soap and dirt deposits and through its beading effect provides lasting protection if applied on a regular basis. With our Acrylic Cleaner all acrylic sufraces will keep their original brilliance and shine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Do not spray on hot surfaces
  • For cleaning and care of sanitary surfaces
  • Dirt-repellent through beading effect, antistatic effect
  • Eco-friendly and bio-degradable
  • Size - 500ml

Acryl-Star Professional Scratch Removal Cream 100ml

  • The strong abrasive content of most bath cleaners are able to harm acrylic surfaces.....and Acryl-Star has been especially formulated to be completely compatible with acrylic surfaces.
  • The Acryl-Star cleaner and polishing paste removes lime deposits, discolouration and heavy soiling by the use of a special polishing powder.
  • Existing scratches can also be removed.
  • The application does not develop an unpleasant or noxious smell.
CE Approved

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Cramer Acrylic Care BundleProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number ACRLBNDL01
Boxed Weight 0.48kg

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Cramer Acrylic Care BundleReviews

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5.0/ 5
6 reviews
5/ 5

Easy to use and inexpensive solution to a scratch in my bath panel.

ID: 100007651
5/ 5

I didn't believe that anything would remove the scratches from my shower base but this product did it with minimal effort. Shower unit looks brand new!

ID: 100006472
5/ 5

I have recommended this to several people already, very good product. Quick and easy to use no mess!

ID: 100006818
5/ 5

I had a scratch in my acrylic bath, I used the Acryl star and lightly sanded, it was completely gone. It was amazing.

ID: 100003430
5/ 5

This product does exactly what it claims it will do. I have tried 3 different scratch removers previously and without doubt this is head and shoulders above them. I would highly recommend this product and confirm that the claims it makes are completely justified in my experience.

ID: 4377742

£14.98 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £39.97 Save  62%

Last Few Remaining! 

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