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Bathroom Mirror De-Misters

Bathroom Mirror De-Misters

Giving you a Clearer View of your World.

Condensation is a constant annoyance in any bathroom and no matter what you do there always seems to be some that lingers. With a de-mister so you can finally say goodbye to a murky steam covered mirror and get on with being able to use your bathroom for its intended desire to keep you firmly in mind. This simple technological solution for steamed up mirrors is easy to install and conveniently fits on to the back of the mirror, without taking up any extra space. This highly-effective solution is suitable for any mirror too, giving you a clearer view of what really matters – you!

  • Warmup 290 x 290 demister - 27w



  • Warmup 400 x 450 Demister - 70w



  • Warmup 600 Circular Demister - 55w



  • Warmup 600 x 1100 Demister - 132w




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