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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Light Up Your Bathroom

When put to good use, bathroom lights can create an extremely relaxing environment through the use of soft and subdued lighting. Whilst their primary goal is to illuminate and make the bathroom visible for you and your family, they should also be able to bring out the best in your bathroom suite. Poorly done lighting can result in a very dull looking room and when you’ve just spent money, time and effort sprucing it up, falling at the last hurdle makes no sense. Install a fantastic set of lights and let your bathroom do the talking – you will be amazed at the difference lighting can make.

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Things To Consider When Buying Lights:

The simple bathroom light has evolved over the years into a necessary feature that has hundreds of options to help buyers get the right look, lighting and finish to the room. With a wide range of sizes, different mounting options and brightnesses – your bathroom can now be transformed with the correct use of lighting.

Style: Many people are used to a single light in the centre of the bathroom, but now there are far more options. Wall lights are available if you want to opt for a unique bathroom look; they also cast a different light over the bathroom compared to an overhead light source which can greatly alter the appearance. Down lights are also becoming more popular as they integrate seamlessly with the ceiling to provide a minimalist look. Spot lights can be used to create focus on certain areas of the room whilst looking ultra modern. Or if you’re quite content with a simple ceiling light, there are square, circular and other shapes available.

Budget: A simple bathroom light can range from as little as £20 to hundreds if you really want to go all out and get the best for your bathroom. However, we realise you want to showcase your bathroom in quality lighting without going over the top. With this in mind, we’ve kept our prices down to ensure your bathroom will look its best, even on a small budget.

Zones & Ratings: Just because a light says it’s suitable for the bathroom doesn’t mean you don’t have a bit of research to do first. Depending on where you plan to install the light, you need to check zones and ensure the IP rating is sufficient and suitable for the position of installation. IP stands for ingress protection – basically keeping water out of electrical equipment, consider this good safety practice. Zones vary from 0-3 and each zone requires different IP standards to ensure maximum safety for the user and to abide by building regulations. An explanation of the zones and requirements are listed below:

For a graphical overview of all the zones in the bathroom and their positions; just click here. If you are unsure about anything, consult an electrician or a professional in the bathroom industry who will be able to advise further.

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