McAlpine is a range of bathroom and kitchen plumbing pieces to help you install your new bathroom and kitchen products efficiently and correctly. Featuring bottle traps, flexible connectors, waste fittings, WC connectors, and more!

Established in 1902, it’s clear to see McAlpine know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to all things plumbing. Offering a range of bathroom and kitchen plumbing essentials including waste disposal units and waste traps, McAlpine strives for innovation and functionality with all of their products, no matter how big or how small. Family is also at the heart of this company, as even to this day, it is still run by the same family.

With a range of convenient essentials for you to choose from, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in our range of McAlpine products. Discover a range of McAlpine waste disposal units, designed to remove your unwanted waste with ease. If you’re tired of having to scoop out the remnants of your dinner from the sink and into the bin when you’re washing your plates, a waste disposal unit is the product for you! Kitchen waste disposal units are the perfect way of disposing of food scraps. These convenient waste units work by grinding down unwanted food scraps and then washing them away. Sorted! These powerful waste units are not only perfect if you want to save time and energy cleaning up, but they also reduce waste going to a landfill!

McAlpine doesn’t only supply kitchen waste disposal units, they also offer a selection of disposal unit accessories, too! With accessories designed to aid your waste disposal unit, you can find the perfect products to finish off your kitchen or bathroom.

McAlpine products are made from the highest quality materials, so you can have peace of mind that these products will stand the test of time.

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