6 Space Saving Bathroom Ideas


If your bathroom is on the tight side or you want to create a more spacious feeling, you might be looking for some hints and tips on creating a gorgeous clutter-free bathroom. In this article we’ll go through our top space-saving bathroom ideas, helping you to get the spacious bathroom of your dreams.

Wall hung furniture


Wall-hung furniture is a great way to start your space-saving bathroom journey. Fitting your furniture off the floor instantly helps to create the feeling of more space. It’s amazing how much visible floor space can change the feeling of a bathroom.

From wall-hung vanity units of all shapes, sizes and designs to bathroom mirror cabinets, there are plenty of options to store all your bathroom essentials out of sight without taking up essential floor space.

Toilets for small bathrooms

If you’re looking for a small toilet then worry not, as there are plenty of fantastic choices available, from wall-hung options to toilets with a sink on top, you're guaranteed to find the perfect space-saving toilet for your bathroom.

Wall hung toilet


Wall-hung toilets are one the best options for creating the feeling of more space in a bathroom without compromising on quality or style. One of the biggest features of a wall-hung toilet is the ability to install your toilet at the height that best suits your needs. This also allows you to create more visible floor space. It’s a win-win situation in our eyes.

Corner toilet


If your bathroom is an awkward shape, then a corner toilet might be worth considering. A corner toilet is very similar in style to a standard close-coupled toilet, apart from its triangular-designed corner cistern.

What’s more, most corner toilets still include the same features as close-coupled toilets such as soft close seats and dual flush buttons, meaning you don’t have to compromise.

Short projection toilet

Simply put, short projection toilets project less from back to front than a standard toilet, helping to free up more space in your bathroom. This makes them ideal for smaller spaces including cloakrooms and ensuites.  

Toilet with sink on top


For tiny bathrooms, you might have to compromise to fit in items such as a shower or bath and we think a toilet with a sink on top is a wonderful solution. Featuring both your toilet and basin in one unit, a toilet and sink combination unit is a compact space-saving solution for any small bathroom.

However, accessibility to the basin can be difficult in a small bathroom, where you may have other items on either side of the toilet and basin, meaning you might need to stretch a little to wash your hands. Now, this might not be an issue for most, but if you have children or elderly family members sharing the bathroom, access to the basin will need to be considered.

Small basins


One of the easiest ways to save space in any bathroom is to not go too big with your basin. While a full pedestal basin may seem like the easiest option, there are plenty of other space-saving basin choices available. From countertop basins, ideal for use with vanity units, to wall hung and semi pedestal basins there’s a space-saving solution for every need and style.

Perhaps one of the best space-saving basins, the wall-hung basin, tends to be particularly small in design making it perfect for small spaces. It also frees up a lot of floor and wall space compared to other basins.

If you want to know more about space-saving basins, take a look at the following post - 5 Space Saving Cloakroom Basin Ideas.

Shower baths


One way to save on space in any bathroom is to install a shower bath instead of a separate bath and shower enclosure, as this still provides the luxury of a bath and shower but takes up much less space.

Available in a range of styles and size options, choosing the best shower bath for your bathroom has never been easier. Perhaps you need a L-shaped bath to make both bath and shower time more relaxing, or maybe you’re looking for something simple and plain, to save as much space as possible. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find a shower bath perfect for your needs.

When choosing a new shower bath, it’s also essential to purchase a suitable bath shower screen to match. These useful screens are essential for keeping water splashes from escaping when showering or bathing but think carefully when you choose a design. While crittall glass options might look stylish they can make the room feel less spacious than a clear glass screen.

Corner shower enclosures


If you’re looking for a shower enclosure to fit a small space without creating a claustrophobic feeling, then look no further than a corner entry shower enclosure. With two clever sliding doors, which not only allow plenty of space for you to enter the enclosure but also don't invade any space outside the enclosure itself, making it the perfect choice to save on space.

With a corner entry shower enclosure, there’s no need to worry about the entry location on the enclosure being in an awkward position, or not allowing enough space for you to get in and out of the shower.

Some shower enclosures feature just one sliding or hinged door making installation more difficult, especially in smaller rooms where saving space is a priority.  For a shower enclosure with just one sliding door, you would need to consider the direction the door will open, making sure to leave yourself plenty of space to manoeuvre.

Shower enclosures with hinged doors, however, are another consideration altogether. In this instance, you need to decide whether you have plenty of space for the door to open outwards into your bathroom while still providing enough space to get in and out of the enclosure.

Recessed shelving


Recessed bathroom shelving has seen a big increase over recent years and is a fantastic way to store all your bath and shower essentials, instead of having them lined up around the outside of your bath or shower tray.

Creating a small recessed shelf in the wall next to your bath or inside a shower enclosure can not only increase storage space in your bathroom but also help to create a more together and luxurious look.

One thing to remember before deciding on recessed bathroom shelving or a bathroom niche is the work that comes with creating one. If you don’t plan to update your bathroom walls or tiles, then creating a niche can be quite problematic as tiles or bathroom wall panels will likely need to be removed to create the shelving.

However, if you’re going for a full bathroom renovation and will be updating your bathroom walls anyway, then creating a recessed shelf should be straightforward, in most cases. If you’ve decided to include a niche in your bathroom update, then we would advise contacting a professional to ensure the wall space you intend to fit your recessed shelving in doesn’t contain any plumbing or electricals that could pose a problem.

If you’re looking to save as much space as possible, considering all the above points will help you create a beautifully spacious bathroom anyone would be proud of.

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