The Smallest Room in the House

Although often overlooked because of its tiny size the smallest room in the house should never be underestimated.
Most of us now are fortunate enough to live in homes with an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom, a family bathroom and a downstairs cloakroom, which allows guests to use our facilities without ever stepping foot up our stairs.
It’s because of this convenience that the smallest room should bear the most significance when wanting to impress guests or visitors. Nosy creatures by nature, this is the only room where they can lock the door and thoroughly study their surroundings whilst making judgements on your style and taste.

Yet despite this, it’s often the one room that is neglected. Treated as a facility rather than an addition to design, this room normally houses the cheapest of bathroom suites and frayed towel for guests to dry their hands. However, with a little planning, this room can impress, and leave your visitors feeling refreshed and luxurious.

When tackling this room bear in mind the visitor you would like to impress, most often it’s the mother in law visit that sees couples running like headless chickens cleaning like never before in order to present a united front that says, “we’re grownups!”

It’s the mother in law too who will excuse herself to the bathroom almost immediately after arrival to freshen up, taking the private few minutes to examine any art on the walls and scrutinize the choice of hand cleanser.

Using the downstairs loo as an extra cupboard to store prams, toys and washing will give an overall impression of a cluttered house and disorganised chaos, no matter how litter free the kitchen workspaces are or how tall the shag stands on the carpet. Treat the room with the respect it deserves and remember it is under the spotlight at all times.

Show Off! Many celebrities use the smallest room to store their trophies and achievements; this is a fantastic idea and lends itself to a theme. They believe that every visitor will need to use the bathroom at some point, and this is a less obvious way to highlight their talents.

If you have a talent for design or interior decorating, art or even gardening, use this room to highlight that. Fill with your favourite canvasses, (as steam from a bath or shower won’t ruin them in here), or have a little tropical paradise with your exotic well-kept houseplants.

Add a personal touch with some handmade soap, some homemade perfume, and a clean fluffy towel for hands, or if you’re feeling extravagant use his room to show off your more expensive hand lotions and creams making every visit a happy one.

Smallest Room