How to Rip Out Your Kitchen with Minimal Fuss!


Ripping out a kitchen is one of those tasks which most people would be forgiven for assuming must be undertaken by professional. In fact, it’s not an impossible job for most people, and as long as you approach the job with a plan then you should manage just fine! You do need a little bit of muscle though, so it’s perhaps not one of those jobs for a lone person. But as long as you’ve got some help and are reasonably fit, you can do it!

The first stages of kitchen removal

The first task to be undertaken is that of emptying your kitchen cupboards – all of them! You will need good storage boxes, making sure you label everything; don’t forget to leave out the kettle and the tea things! Once your cupboards are empty, it’s time to remove your appliances. Clean out your fridge and unplug it; the same goes for washing machine and microwave and dryer, but do not ever attempt to remove a cooker. The cooker is a job which must be managed by a professional, so at this stage you can leave it where it is.

Ensure that you have a skip outside ready and waiting. Removing a kitchen creates a lot of mess and it’s too much for most people to manage without a decently sized skip.

Dismantling the kitchen

Always begin with the upper cabinets or cupboards; this is because the lower cabinets will provide a useful place to keep your tools! Unscrew the doors and remove them. Now you need to get the cupboards off the wall, and if you can, it is here that you will probably need some assistance. Unscrew any fixings which are visible on brackets and then begin removing the frames. This does take some strength so most people will need some help. If you have an electric screwdriver then it will be much easier to manage this part of the job.

Turn off your water supply at this point; this is because you will not be able to remove the sink and worktops with the water still connected. Once you have shut of the water, turn on all kitchen taps in the house to drain the pipes, which will only take a few minutes.

Now it’s time to undo the pipes beneath the kitchen sinks. This is an easy job, but you may need a wrench to tackle the tap fittings. Once this is all under control then it is time to remove the worktop and lower cabinets. This is not as awkward as the upper cabinets and you should find that once you have done one cabinet they get easier as you go.

Finishing the job

Once a qualified engineer has removed the cooker for you, it is time to take off tiles and remove old flooring. This is usually where things get really messy and you will need protective clothing as well as protective eyewear. Tiles and flooring are sometimes difficult to remove if they have been in place for many years (here’s how to remove vinyl flooring), but the time spent removing old grout and glue is well spent as a clean canvass will ensure that the new fittings will last longer and look better.

Ripping out a kitchen is a long job, but if you organise yourself well and make sure you have some help, it needn’t be a terrible experience! Ensure you have arrangements in place for meals, either eating out or at friend’s houses, and your kitchen removal won’t be too much of an inconvenience.

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