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Bathroom Maintenance

Bathroom Repair is an Unfortunate Inevitability

We’re all after the perfect pristine bathroom, but life isn’t always as straightforward as that and problems can sometimes occur. Accidents can happen, things can get broken or just wear out all the time. Although we strive to offer the cheapest prices on the market, we know that repairing an item can often be a cheaper way; plus, you get to keep that wonderful bath you forked out so much for in the first place! As such we’ve collected a range of bathroom repair products together – from adding new sealant to repairing chips, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also want to keep your bathroom clean, which we can more than help with too.

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Chips and Scratches Don’t have to be End of it.

We know how frustrating it can be when you accidentally scratch a brand new blazing white bath, but a simple scratch can easily be repaired with the right tools. Scratch removal and polishing creams can buff out even the harshest of scratches across acrylic, porcelain, enamel, chrome and stainless steel products. If the scratch is deeper or you’ve managed to chip the surface then there are also kits that can repair those problems. Our kits are cleverly designed to be simple to use and quick to act. The easy step by step included instructions will get surfaces looking brand new in no time at all, and these remedies don’t cost the earth either.

Sealing the Deal on a Watertight Bathroom

A watertight bathroom is a priority, so when the sealing inevitably wears out you’re going to want a quick and cheap replacement. Luckily we’ve got you covered there as well and, as with all our bathroom repair products, it’s easy enough for anyone to apply. We always approach new repair products with the idea that you don’t have to an avid DIY’er or have the knowledge of a plumber to use our kits; that’s why they come with detailed but simple to follow instructions, while the sealant kits remain easy to apply yet retain strong watertight seals that will last for years. We’ll never compromise on quality, but we’ll always keep the price low.

A Clean Bathroom is a Comforting Bathroom

We all want our bathrooms to remain as shiny and clean as the day they were first installed. That’s now easier than ever with a range of bathroom cleaning products that tackle all the dirty jobs with ease. Our picks will not only keep surfaces such as glass screens clean and attractive, but it will also set to work tackling limescale and preventing the onset of mould. A wet environment like a bathroom is always prone to developing such problems, but with a combination of watertight seals, quality cleaning products and easy repair kits you can ensure that your bathroom remains the way a room of luxury and relaxation is supposed to be.


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