Get the Luxury Bathroom Look on a Budget

We all love a touch of luxury and glamour, and it’s the same for your bathroom; but how do you get the luxury look without splashing out?

To get the luxury bathroom you’ve always wanted, you don’t need a huge decorating budget. As long as you know the right colours, finishes and the ideal luxury bathroom accessories, your bathroom can rival any five-star hotel or celebrity’s wash space for looks without breaking the bank.

So, how do you do it and where do you start? Even if you aren’t going for a full bathroom suite, you can make your luxury bathroom ideas a reality piece by piece. Plumbworld has made this handy design inspiration guide to help, including everything from appliances to walls and floors.

Read on to find out more about luxury bathroom ideas before starting your next design project…


Walls are an excellent way of starting your bathroom renovation and making it more luxurious, from plain colours to striking marble.

Marble is considered luxurious for a reason, it looks incredible. Either by bathroom wall tiles or wall panels, you achieve the marble look to contrast with your appliances. Ideal with traditional or modern luxury designs, marble walls go with everything.

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Choosing the right colours can define luxury. White, grey and black are the stand-out colours that can contrast with appliances, such as sinks, in a dash of colour or monochrome. Paired with chrome or black appliances, this a simple but effective means of getting the luxury look.


Flooding your bathroom with natural light helps with everything and one to boost this is with a mirror. Enhance the light, luxury and sense of space easily.

Besides creating an illusion of more space and increasing the light in the room, a large mirror enhances the sense of luxury. This is particularly true if the mirror is positioned so your freestanding bath or statement lighting is reflected in it - doubling the lighting.

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Mirrored vanity units are another luxury touch that helps boost the light by reflecting it and enhance the sense of space. Available in various sizes and even lit, mirrored cabinets are a popular and opulent choice for any bathroom that is heading up-market in style.


For a luxury bathroom basin, there are a number of ways to achieve the five-star feel without spending top dollar to get it.

Double sinks or his and her basins are often reserved for high-end hotel suites but they’re a worthy addition to a bathroom for busy couples. Whether you have an under-counter sink or counter top, fixed with modern taps or even wall-mounted taps, these are stunningly stylish.

Counter top basins are incredibly stylish and at the height of bathroom luxury. Teaming the minimalist approach with style, these basins are lavish in appearance and can almost be called a piece of art. Ideal for vanity units too, these are affordable for any space. 


When it comes to showers and luxury bathrooms, there is the shower itself but also how it is displayed and fitted, not over a bath or quadrant enclosure.

Walk-in shower enclosures are the most luxurious design option - no sliding doors or quadrant enclosures, these are a centrepiece. Elegant and minimalistic, walk-in showers may look simple thanks to the doorless design, but they are extremely striking and popular.

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For the shower itself, nothing is more popular or luxurious than a concealed shower with a waterfall shower head. Ideally paired with concealed mixer showers, get the luxury boutique hotel look from a shower that is relaxing to enjoy and a stunning visual appliance.


For the luxury bath, minimalism is key to elegance and you can achieve this in two ways, a sunken bath or a freestanding bath.

There are fewer things as luxurious as a freestanding bath, especially a clean and contemporary model. With their smooth clean lines, these baths are a modern and elegant addition in any shape while the black design choice is very on-trend.

For a bath or bath shower, do away with the curtain and invest in a bath screen for an air of privacy and sophistication. Whether it’s a clear screen or with smoky glass, a bath screen not only adds luxury but a sense of modernity and spa-like look.


Taps are the finishing touch to any bathroom and in a luxury washroom, this is certainly the case with two potential options.

Gold bathroom taps are the clear sign that your bathroom has a touch of luxury. Working particularly well with marble-topped sinks featuring a sunken basin. You can choose from traditional-looking taps or gold bath shower mixer taps.

For a more modern approach to luxury, chrome basin mixer taps are a stunning addition to every bathroom, do the job of two separate bathroom taps effortlessly and look great while doing it. These taps are minimalistic, luxurious and an artistic touch.

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