A Guide to Boiling Water Taps

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Have you been hearing about boiling water taps lately? Perfect for if you want to give your kitchen an upgrade, these taps are for you if you want to really streamline your countertops!

Take a look at our guide for everything you need to know about them - and to find out which are the best ones...

Starting Point - What is a Boiling Water Tap?

Before we get stuck into our guide, let’s go over the basics.

When you think of boiling water taps, you might picture yesteryear’s style of tank. These are often found in offices and consist of an insulated wall-mounted tank with a single lever to dispense hot water for the work force’s tea and coffee.

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While these are indeed a type of boiling water tap, you probably wouldn’t want this in your kitchen at home. Luckily, today there are plenty of ranges of multi-functional boiling water taps that can sit in your sink like a regular kitchen tap. They look and work just like you would expect a normal tap, except they come with the added ability to produce boiling water on demand.

There are a few different types of hot water taps:

  • Hot water only - they only dispense boiled water
  • 3-in-1 taps - these dispense normal hot and cold water, plus a third option for boiled water
  • 4-in-1 taps - along with the above, they also give you the option of filtered water

You can buy boiling water taps with tanks provided, so you have everything you need to set one up. 

Why Get a Boiling Water Tap?

So, why would you want to install a boiling water tap in your kitchen?

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If you’re wondering what you would use it for, other than constant cups of tea, here are some more reasons why they are a worthy kitchen addition:

  • You can get rid of your kettle - this means your countertops can look less cluttered.
  • Quick-cooking - pour boiling water straight into your pans to save time, or pour over things like noodles or couscous to cook healthy meals fast.
  • Reduce water waste - unlike with a kettle, you only use the amount of water you need.
  • Easy to use - if anyone in your household has trouble lifting a kettle, a hot water tap is a much easier option.
  • Time-saving - some electric kettles can take up to four minutes to boil, so no more wasting time waiting for your water to be ready

How Do Boiling Water Taps Work?

Boiling water taps work with the help of a electric-powered hot water tank. These tanks plug directly into a power socket and are connected to your water supply. They heat the water and store it in the tank - when you turn your tap on to use the boiling water, it can then be delivered instantaneously.

InSinkErator GN1100 Kitchen Tap + Neo Tank – for Boiling Hot Water - Chrome Finish

Most households should be able to install a boiling water tap. All you need to check is:

  • You have space to mount the water tank - most people put theirs under the sink
  • You have an accessible power socket to plug the tank into
  • Your water pressure is sufficient - any requirements should be made clear by the manufacturer

Despite their name, most boiling hot water taps dispense water at around 98°- 99°C. This accounts for the loss of heat in the time it takes to travel out of the tap and into your cup. However, as many lovers of boiling water taps point out, tea or coffee should not be made with boiling hot water, anyway!

Many of the best hot water taps also come with adjustable temperature options - so you can choose just how hot your water is.

How Do You Install a Boiling Water Tap?

If you are worried that installing a boiling water tap will be a big job, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is actually very simple!

The first thing to point out is that boiling hot water taps are almost always a monobloc style. This means that they comprise of one single unit, rather than two separate pillar taps. If you are replacing an old monobloc tap, then it should be quite straightforward. If, however, you are replacing two separate hot and cold taps, you will need to adapt your plumbing. You will probably also need a new sink with just one hole cut in it, instead of two.

All in all, if you know how to fit new taps without a boiling water feature, you should be able to work out how to install a boiling water tap yourself. There will just be a couple more connections to get into place, which should be instructed in your manual. Just be aware that the tank is electric operated, so ensure all fittings are watertight.

If you are in any doubt, it’s best to ask a plumber to do the job. 

Are Boiling Water Taps Safe?

The safety of boiling water taps is often a concern to those thinking of buying one for the first time. However, there are extremely reliable measures in place that make the risk of water burns as minimal as possible.

Hot water taps work with the use of a safety button, which you must hold down in order to use the tap. As soon as you release it, the water shuts off, so you can’t leave the water running without your control. They are also heavily insulated, so the metal does not get hot to the touch.  

In addition, boiling water taps are also heavily insulated, so the metal does not get hot to the touch. They also operate at a much lower water pressure than your regular hot and cold taps. This prevents boiling water from splashing uncontrollably, so you aren’t caught by hot spitting water. 

Are Boiling Water Taps Expensive To Run?

Another common question is whether using a hot water tap will end up costing more than boiling the kettle. 

Firstly, boiling water taps can have a high setup cost - they are undoubtedly more expensive than a regular tap and kettle put together! However, the time they save you in your busy life will very much be worth it.

How much does a boiling water tap cost to run?

When it comes to running them, boiling water taps do not run up a bill any higher that a kettle - sometimes, it’s even less! It is said that the average kettle costs around 2.5p to boil - with 40% of us boiling 5 times a day or more.

In contrast, the most efficient boiling water tap claims it costs just 3p to run per day! Most of us also tend to overfill our kettles, or even boil it twice if we have forgotten about it. This leads to lots of wasted energy and water. Your tap solves this problem, allowing you to use just as much as you need - making them more energy efficient, too.

There is one more cost to factor in with a boiling water tap, too. To prevent limescale build up, they require a filter to keep themselves clean. This needs replacing every 6 months or so.

Which is the best boiling water tap?

If you have made your mind up to invest in a boiling water tap, you will want to find the best one for your budget and your needs. 

Some things you should look out for are:

  • Tank size - a larger tank allows you to use the hot water more often
  • Temperature options - some taps have more temperature settings available than others
  • Do you want filtered water? - for an added luxury, some hot water taps offer filtered cold water, too
  • Tap size - do you want a compact tap in addition to your sink? Or one tap that can do all?

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