Multi-functional Bathroom Fixtures: Building a Modern Bathroom


With space at a premium, the use of multi-functional bathroom fixtures has become more popular in recent years. There's a multi-functional bathroom fixture for every bathroom, from toilets with a sink on top, ideal for cloakrooms and ensuites to an increase in the popularity of towel radiators. Keep reading to find out about the best multifunctional bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom Fixtures That Serve Multiple Functions 


In recent years multi-functional bathroom fixtures have increased in popularity and it’s no surprise. With many of us living in busy family households, bathroom fixtures with multiple uses can be particularly handy. For example, baths with lockable storage panels and LED mirror cabinets.

Keep reading for more details on different multifunctional bathroom fixtures.

Why Get Multi-functional Bathroom Features

When it comes to planning a new bathroom design, multi-functional bathroom fixtures can save a lot of space and hassle. However, there are many other reasons why you should include multifunctional bathroom features in your bathroom. Keep reading to find out why.

As mentioned above there are plenty of space-saving bathroom fixtures with multiple uses, such as a toilet with a sink on top, a vanity unit with built-in basin and storage or a towel radiator with space to store the whole family’s towels.

The aesthetic appeal of multifunctional bathroom fixtures is another reason people purchase these items, for example, mirrored radiators. Not only do they keep the bathroom toasty and warm, helping to reduce mould and damp but they also provide a sleek and stylish mirrored finish, sure to add a touch of glamour to any bathroom.

Multifunctional bathroom fixtures can also be a great way to save money. For example, a toilet with a sink on top can cost around £200 - £300 whereas an individual toilet and basin could set you back more depending on the quality of ceramics you choose.

Toilets With Sinks on Top 


If you’re looking for a way to create a functional bathroom in a particularly small space, this is where a toilet with a sink on top comes into its own. Perfect for small bathrooms, ensuites, and cloakrooms a toilet with a sink on top combines your toilet and sink into one sleek and streamlined unit, allowing you to create a bathroom in a space that might otherwise be too small.

Not only do these clever contraptions save space but they save on water too. Any water that goes down the sink will be reused the next time the toilet is flushed, making this multi-functional bathroom fixture an incredibly eco-friendly option.

Baths With Built-in Storage 


If your bathroom is short on storage space, why not consider a bath with built-in storage? Storage is something that can be seriously overlooked in a bathroom. However, when you think of all the bathroom essentials you need regularly, a clever storage solution should be bumped up on your list of bathroom requirements.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store bathroom essentials such as cleaning products and spare toilet rolls out of sight, a bath with a lockable storage panel might be the perfect place. Not only can most be locked, making it a safe place to store these items away from children but they’re out of sight and mind. Guests would never know your bathroom cleaning supplies were hidden behind your bath.

Mirrored Radiators 


If you’re looking for a smart way to heat your bathroom but also need a mirror, why not consider a mirrored radiator? Sleek and stylish in design but still able to pack a punch with their heat levels, a mirrored radiator might be what you’re looking for.

Most mirrored radiators are vertical, creating a wonderful floor-length mirror. Perfect for checking your outfit each day before you leave the house. However, with this in mind, mirrored radiators aren't suited to smaller bathrooms as they can take up much-needed space for other more practical items such as bathroom storage cabinets.

While you might love the design and elegance of a mirrored radiator, unless you have a large bathroom it might not be the best multifunctional bathroom feature for your needs.

Towel Radiators 


A towel radiator is a perfect solution if you’re looking for somewhere to store your towels and a stylish yet efficient bathroom heating solution. As they’re available in a wide range of sizes, it won’t be difficult to find an option for your space, no matter how small.

However, the smaller your towel radiator, the fewer towels you will fit on. Therefore, if you’re looking to fit towels for the whole family you might want to size up to one of the taller options, allowing you to fit more towels without overloading your towel radiator.

Not only are towel radiators the perfect place to hang your towels ready for their next use neatly but they can also conveniently keep them warm and dry until needed again. This is also a great solution to tackling bathroom moisture and damp, as you won’t have damp towels hanging around all day.

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