Spa Bath Buying Guide

If you want to bring your favourite spa home with you, the main place to start is with the bath - more specifically, a whirlpool bath.

All baths may be relaxing, but some types are better than others. For complete relaxation a whirlpool bath is perfect for replicating a tranquil spa experience.

But before you start thinking of laying back and relaxing, keep reading to find out exactly what a whirlpool bath is and what features they include.

What is a whirlpool bath?

Whirlpool baths use air and water and are fitted with jets placed strategically on the sides of the bath. These jets are operated by controls at the top of the bath for convenience while you relax. The controls enable you to adjust the water coming through the jets, to your preferred pressure, to give a massaging effect on your body.

What are the styles of whirlpool baths?

A whirlpool bath can come in many shapes and sizes, from the regular straight bath to a corner bath. Below are examples of the style of baths where you can enjoy a Jacuzzi-like experience. 

Straight Bath

A whirlpool bath in the standard straight bath design, so you have plenty of flexibility as a straight bath can fit into a wide range of bathrooms. It’s the most popular shape of bath in the UK for a reason. You can choose individual styles, such as rounded or angular sides and whether you want a single or double-ended bath.

Corner Baths

A corner whirlpool bath is a space-saving option for a smaller bathroom and can create a really luxurious spa atmosphere. It helps that it looks a lot like a jacuzzi already. Corner baths come in right-hand and left-hand options, so you can choose whichever works with your space. The bathing area is large and spacious when compared to a straight bath.

P-shape bath

P-shaped baths are perfect if you intend to use your bath as a shower bath. Providing extra width at one end with a curved P shape, this type of whirlpool bath is perfect for providing not only a relaxing bubble bath but a glorious shower experience too.

L-shape bath

Much like P-shaped baths, L shaped baths are also a great choice for a shower bath. With an extra few inches width at one end of the bath you can enjoy a relaxing shower or stretch out in a tranquil bubble bath.

Shower Bath

Combine your bath and shower together, if you don’t have the space for both, these “L” and P-shaped baths mean you can still have your spa at home. The additional space that sticks out incorporates the shower end so you have more room than in a standard bath. These are the best of both, ample space for a relaxing spa bath as well as a large shower area.

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What are Japanese deep-soak baths?

Japanese deep-soak baths provide a fully immersive bathing experience, created mainly for relaxation. These baths work thanks to the depth of the water, where you are submerged in deep warm water - proven to be relaxing. 

These baths are great for those with smaller bathrooms as they don’t take up as much room as a standard bath would.

While Japanese baths allow for normal bathing, they’re also great for long-soaks due to their added heat retention. This is all down to the manufacturing process where different layers help to insulate the bath better, keeping the water and you warmer for longer.

Because you can fully submerge the top half of your body, up to your neck, deep-soak baths provide a relaxing place to meditate the evening away or loosen muscles.

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What are whirlpool bath jets?

Jets are the most important thing on whirlpool baths; they provide the power needed to disturb the water which creates effervescence and allows for heat transfer. 

Unfortunately, many whirlpool baths put the jets against your back or at your feet, which isn’t very efficient. Furthermore, it can actually prevent you from relaxing, which is the exact opposite of what a home spa bath is for. 

Instead, you should look for whirlpool baths that have jets located on the sides for a completely immersive experience. These baths will subject your entire body to the massaging rush of water created by high-quality jets. As mentioned, the high-quality whirlpool baths include six, eight or more jets in order to maximise the experience and comfort without increasing noise or power consumption.

What are the benefits of whirlpool baths?

Whirlpool baths are easy to use and fantastic for relaxation. What better way to unwind after a long and stressful day at work? 

The water jets in a whirlpool bath have the same effects as those in a hot tub, just on a smaller scale. So if you've always dreamed of a hot tub but they're out of your price range or you'd rather relax inside then a whirlpool bath is a wonderful alternative.


These relaxing baths sometimes include special features, helping to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Chromatherapy is an example of one of these features. A form of alternative therapy that dates back to ancient times, chromatherapy maintains that different coloured lighting can influence our physical or mental health. Scientific research into chromatherapy is limited. Nonetheless, having a selection of lighting options makes it even easier to create your ideal bathing atmosphere.

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