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With a wide variety of both bathroom and kitchen taps on the market, it’s no surprise that we find it difficult to make a decision when choosing a new tap. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to the different types of taps available. In this guide, we’ll discuss the features of different bathroom and kitchen taps, including their positives and negatives.

How Many Different Tap Types Are There?

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen or bathroom tap, the options may seem endless, making it difficult to know where to start when shopping for a new tap. There are plenty of options, from traditional pillar taps to more contemporary waterfall taps and innovative options such as boiling water and pull-out spray taps. This, however, can make it more of a struggle to pick your perfect tap. But worry no more as we go through each type of tap, helping you to decide on the tap of your dreams.

What Are Bathroom Mixer Taps?


Bathroom mixer taps are available for basins and baths, with some even available in matching designs, making them a great choice for any bathroom.

The mixer feature simply mixes your hot and cold water supply to create a safe water temperature. It also allows you to create the perfect temperature and water flow when washing your hands or running a relaxing bath.

If you’re looking for a compact option to replace a current bulky mixer tap or even think it’s time to replace your current pillar taps, then a bathroom mixer tap is a great choice. Available in a range of sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect tap to match the size of your basin. After all, the last thing you want is a massive tap with a tiny basin or vice versa.

Bathroom mixer taps are also available in tall known as high-rise options, making them perfect for countertop basins whilst creating a slightly more luxurious or spa-like feel to your bathroom.

What Are Bathroom Waterfall Taps?


In a world of bathroom taps, waterfall taps are the epitome of luxury. A beautiful eye-catching feature for any contemporary bathroom, the waterfall tap provides a beautiful cascading waterfall effect without compromising on the practicalities of a standard basin mixer tap. A bathroom waterfall tap will also still provide the safety and convenience of a standard bathroom mixer tap's continuous safe water temperature and flow.

If you’re looking for true luxury, why not choose a tall waterfall tap? When paired with a beautiful countertop basin, you can achieve a relaxing spa-like retreat in your own home, creating the perfect environment for a relaxing evening pamper session.

What Are Bath Shower Mixer Taps?


Bath shower mixer taps are a wonderful solution if you’re looking for a bath mixer tap and handheld shower head in one.

If you enjoy a bath but miss the convenience of washing your hair in the shower, a bath shower mixer tap may be the best solution. Providing the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath without wasting time and water by having to wash your hair at another time. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy washing your hair with the clever handheld shower attachment.

The handheld attachment is also ideal for bathing both children and pets too. Some bath shower mixer taps are also available in thermostatic models, helping to keep a constant water temperature and flow while making them safe for all the family.

What Are Wall Mounted Taps?


If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish tap option for your bath or basin, look no further than a wall-mounted tap.

Not only impressive in design, but wall-mounted taps are ideal for smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium. If space on or around your basin or bath is tight and a freestanding or deck-mounted tap isn’t possible, then a wall-mounted tap is your best option. This allows you to fit a tap where it might not have otherwise been possible, whilst providing style and luxury too.

Whether you’re looking for wall-mounted bath taps or wall-mounted basin taps there are plenty of contemporary and traditional options available. With stylish cross-head handles or sleek single-lever options, there’s a wall-mounted tap for every design and need.

What Are Pillar Taps?


Pillar taps are set out as two separate units, one for hot water and one for cold. This, however, means you’re unable to mix your hot and cold water supply to get your desired water temperature like you can with a mixer tap.

Pillar taps, however, tend to be a good budget option, especially if you’re thinking of replacing an existing set of pillar taps as they should simply fit into your existing tap holes. However, if you’re thinking of updating a mixer tap to pillar taps, you will likely need a new basin or bath as you will currently only have one tap hole, making this a slightly less budget-friendly option.

What Are Kitchen Mixer Taps?


Kitchen mixer taps, probably the most common kitchen tap type in UK homes, combine both hot and cold water to allow you to find your ideal water temperature and flow. The mixer function makes this type of tap ideal for tasks such as washing up and washing your hands.

From gorgeous classic chrome designs to more contemporary brushed brass, matt black and even gold, you’re guaranteed to find a kitchen mixer tap perfect for your home.

What’s more, you can even choose from single or double-lever options. A double lever option is perhaps more versatile, and easy to use, allowing you to quickly choose a hot or cold water flow using either the hot or cold handle.

The more streamlined look of a single-lever mixer tap allows you to control the water temperature with just one lever. This, however, can make it difficult to get a supply of hot, or cold water when in a hurry as it can be more difficult to control the positioning of the lever.

What Are Pull Out Spray Taps?


Pull-out spray kitchen taps are a wonderful multifunctional option for busy family homes. Not only ideal for swilling out your sink, washing vegetables, washing up, and filling pots and pans, a pull-out spray tap has many other uses too. The options are limitless.

What’s more, this versatile tap is available in a range of contemporary designs with multiple spray variations and hose lengths, allowing you to choose the perfect pull-out spray kitchen tap for your needs.

What Are Bridge Taps?


Traditional in design, kitchen bridge taps incorporate a central spout and two separate handles for your hot and cold water supply, proving a classic stand-out feature in any kitchen.

One of the main benefits of a bridge mixer tap is the ability to still control your hot and cold water supply separately and with ease. A lot of mixer taps these days are controlled by just one lever making it difficult to get the exact temperature in a hurry, especially if you specifically want hot or cold water.

A bridge tap, however, will need two tap holes, making it less suitable for current setups with just one tap hole. However, they are ideal for a brand-new kitchen, especially when paired with a gorgeous Belfast sink.

What Are Boiling Water Taps?


Boiling water taps are a great addition to the kitchen, making simple tasks such as making a cup of tea or coffee much quicker. With clever safety locks preventing the boiling water from being turned on accidentally, a boiling water tap is not only practical but also safe for a busy family home.

If you’re looking to purchase a boiling water tap as a replacement for a kettle, you may also be surprised to know you could save not only energy but money too. While the cost of a new boiling water tap can be much higher than a new kettle, over time the amount of money you save on electricity can make a boiling tap worthwhile.

According to Brita, boiling a full kettle of water can cost around 7p, however, the cost of using a boiling hot water tap for the average UK household is around only 3p a day.

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