Everything You Need to Know About Pull Out Kitchen Taps


Pull out kitchen taps have become increasingly popular in recent years and we're not surprised. These clever taps make everyday tasks such as washing up, filling pans and cleaning fruit and veg a doddle. Read on for more information on pull out taps and how they work.

What is a Pull Out Tap?

A pull out tap is similar to a standard kitchen mixer tap, except for an additional pull out hose. In most cases, this hose fits the standard tap spout and can simply be pulled out when necessary for easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

How Does a Pull Out Tap Work?

Pull-out taps feature a flexible hose that can be pulled out from the main spout, creating a versatile tap perfect for many everyday kitchen tasks, such as filling pots and pans and washing up. You may find you can also switch between different flow rates and spray patterns, at the touch of a button. Keep reading to find out more about this clever feature.

What Are the Types of Pull Out Taps?

Pull out taps come in a variety of designs, from classic professional designs you may see in a restaurant kitchen, to classic chrome options. No matter your style, you’re guaranteed to find a pull out kitchen tap to suit your needs.

Professional Pull Out Taps


Similar to the type of tap you may see in restaurant kitchens, a professional style pull out tap features a contemporary sprung pull out spray that cleverly clips into place when not in use. This design of pull out tap is ideal for larger, modern kitchens.

Twin Lever Pull Out Taps


A twin lever pull out tap works in the same way as a standard mixer tap, to easily control your hot and cold water supply via separate levers. You can, however, still mix the two by using both levers at once to create your desired temperature and flow.

Single Lever Pull Out Taps


Single lever pull out taps work differently from twin lever options, allowing you to control your water temperature and flow from just one lever. Some find this more convenient, while others prefer the more streamlined look of the tap.

Pull Out Tap With Pot Filler


Featuring both a pull out spray hose and a stationary pot filler, you have the option to use either spout depending on your needs. If you’re filling a pot already sitting in the sink, perhaps a dirty one that needs a good soak, the pot filler is a great option. However, if you’re washing up, the pull out spray is your best bet, with the ability to rinse off any leftover food, sauces or washing-up liquid easily and from any angle.

Multiple Spray Pull Out Taps


Some pull out taps even feature a range of spray patterns, from standard flow to different sprays and powers such as lighter sprays or more powerful soaking options.

If you’re looking to use your pull out tap for a variety of tasks, from filling pans to cleaning the sink and washing fruit and veg, you may benefit from a design with at least two different spray patterns. However, not all pull out taps have multiple spray patterns. Therefore, we advise checking this before purchasing.

Coloured Pull Out Taps


You don’t have to compromise on style with a pull out tap, you’ll find plenty of coloured options such as brushed brass, matt black and gold as well as classic chrome. So, if you have your heart set on something other than chrome there’s no need to avoid pull out styles on your search for a new kitchen tap.

Benefits of Pull Out Taps


Pull out taps come with a wide range of benefits, from use as a pot filler, to a handy spray for cleaning your sink or pots and pans. The sky’s the limit. Keep reading to find out about each benefit in more detail.


Pull out taps are highly versatile, and suitable for a range of tasks, such as cleaning your sink, filling pots and pans, and washing fruit and vegetables. Cutting down on the time it would take to complete these tasks with a standard kitchen mixer tap, pull out taps can even help lighten your kitchen workload.

Extended Reach


With a fantastic extended reach, compared to a standard mixer tap, a pull out tap allows you to spray or wash things that might not ordinarily be possible. For example, instead of holding a potentially heavy pan while filling it up, you can place it on the countertop and stretch the pull out spray to reach your pan.

However, when purchasing a new pull-out tap, be aware that some come with longer hoses than others. Therefore, it’s essential to check the length of the spray hose before buying if you need a specific length.

Easy to Use

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of a pull out tap is ease of use. Simply pull out the spray option and turn your tap to the desired spray setting and you’re ready to go.

Multiple Spray Patterns

Most pull out taps have multiple spray patterns, allowing you to choose the best option for the task at hand. For example, washing fruit might need a lighter spray, while cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your sink might need a more powerful spray to get those stubborn marks removed.

Explore Our Pull Out Kitchen Taps


If you’re thinking of updating your current kitchen tap to a stylish pull out tap, take a look at our full range of pull out taps today. From professional styles, and single and twin lever options, to gorgeous brushed brass designs, we’ve got a pull out tap for every kitchen décor.

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