Aerated Water: Is It Worth It?

Aerated water goes through phases of getting a lot of attention and being promoted as ‘the next big thing’ you need in your home, but what even is aerated water and is it really worth it? In a nutshell, aerated water is just water infused with air, creating a number of miniature bubbles. The obvious examples that may spring to mind is the water in your pets' fish tank, or more luxuriously those bubbles you get in a jacuzzi or better yet the bubbles you get in your champagne, for in your jacuzzi. But aside from this, there are other reasons why you might want to invest in this type of water for day-to-day use in your home.  

Reasons To Invest In Aerated Taps Or Showerheads

Bathroom Tap

Money Saving Solution

Purchasing an aerated tap or shower head could help you save money on your water bills. The taps mix air with water so you experience the same water pressure but with reduced water content, therefore saving you money on your meter, you'll also be using less hot water too, saving you on boiler costs as well.

Energy Saving Solution

It can indeed save you energy but don’t get carried away by all the energy-saving claims – in the kitchen with an aerated tap you will tend to wait longer to fill the kettle or pan to the required level and the net effect will be zero – so you don’t need to jump to switching all your taps in your home. It  is in the bathroom or WC that you will make the most savings, and where the investment will be worth it. You tend to enjoy the same length of showering session or run the basin tap for the same amount of time: the finite amount of water and heating will be less.

Luxurious Soft Feel

The wonderful thing about this water is that is feels super silky, soft, and luxurious on your skin thanks to all those miniature bubbles, this is known as a ‘champagne effect’. These mini bubbles will soothe your skin which is also why it’s suggested you add these taps/ shower heads in your bathroom, to increase that tranquil feel, and create a mini spa in your home when you run a bath.  

Less Splash Back

Have you ever been at the sink washing your face or perhaps your hands and afterwards realise that somehow all the water has ended up all over the bathroom floor, instead of back in the sink, and wondered how on earth that has happened? You have created your very own slip and slide. Thankfully, those mini pools in your bathroom will be a thing of the past as with these taps the water is less likely to divert to the sides – it tends to run more directly and consistently with much less splash. It is also very handy if you have young children.

Better For Your Skin And Hair

There has been much attention on the effect these miniscule bubbles can have on your skin, health and well-being. Other than it feeling great, it can also help improve blood supply to your skin, resulting in a heathier, brighter and rosier complexion.

Jacuzzi Bubbles

And last, but by certainly no means least, If you are after some luxury in your life, you could of course go for the luxurious whirlpool bath – turning your ordinary soak into a memorable and invigorating spa-like experience.

In conclusion it does seem that aerated water is no fad and could be a wonderful addition to your home, but in the bathroom and bath times and doesn't need to be in every room. Enjoy!

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