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Waterfall & Drencher Shower Buying Guide

When it comes to showers you really are spoiled for choice, but if you want luxury then nothing matches a waterfall shower.

Waterfall showers, more specifically waterfall shower heads, bring the feeling of a boutique hotel straight to your bathroom. These, and drencher shower heads, are fixed to your wall or ceiling to provide incredible style and comfort.

But what are they? What do you need to know when buying? And what’s the difference between the two types of shower head? Well, Plumbworld is here to explain everything about waterfall showers and drencher shower heads.

Read on to find out more about a waterfall shower system and why you should install one in your home…

What is a waterfall shower?

A waterfall shower head is mounted either in the ceiling or on the wall and provides a drenching as well as raindrop effect. 

Waterfall shower heads have grown in popularity thanks to an “outdoor feel” trend in bathroom design. They will mimic rainfall as well as a cascading waterfall for a shower experience that’s not only very calming but aesthetically pleasing. They offer a very clean, natural aesthetic for those looking to create great energy in their bathroom renovations. 

When looking for a waterfall shower head, you’ll see it has holes like a standard drencher mounted shower head as well as a slot. This slot creates a waterfall effect. Waterfall shower heads are available in wall-mounted or overhead styles to replace conventional shower heads, but most are wall-mounted.

What is the difference with a drencher shower?

A waterfall shower differs from a drencher or raindrop shower, quite literally, in how the water falls from the shower head.

A drencher shower sees the water come straight down on you as if you’ve turned a standard shower handset to 90 degrees. Of course, there is a lot more water than with other showers, hence the name. The name comes from the effect of you feeling you’ve gotten drenched in a downpour.

Architeckt Wall Mounted Round Drencher Shower Head Ultra Modern 200mm

Also, the majority of drencher and raindrop showers are either fixed to the wall by an arm or are mounted to the ceiling. Waterfall shower heads, apart from up-market models, are wall-mounted.

What type of shower works with a waterfall shower head?

Waterfall shower heads work best with mixer showers as these aren’t an all-in-one system that you buy, unlike electric and power showers, for example.

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As mixer showers don’t require an inbuilt pump or heating element, the designs of the showers can be much more focused on aesthetics. More often than not valves are quite minimalist and don’t protrude into the showering area too much. They can also be concealed behind the wall for extra aesthetics while retaining all their normal functionality. 

what is a waterfall shower head

The types of valves can vary widely; standard valves with single and double controls are available, bar valves are also fairly common and you can opt between exposed and built-in valves. All of these can be found in a variety of styles, shapes and designs, allowing you much greater control over the look of your bathroom to maximise aesthetics.

What should I consider when buying a waterfall shower?

When you are looking to buy a waterfall shower head, you need to do your research. We’ve picked out some key points for you to consider.


Waterfall shower heads aren’t mounted the same way as standard ones. Rather than shooting a stream of water out at an angle, like electric showers, they are mounted to be overhead. This is to provide a drenching effect. 

Since many of these shower heads are wall or ceiling-mounted, you need to consider whether your plumbing will take the shower head. Alternatively, you will need to know what kinds of modifications need to be made to install this type of shower head.

wall-mounted shower heads

There are wall-mounted styles that can be placed, which will allow you to replace your standard shower head with a waterfall design. A plumber will be able to advise you about the best option for you.

Spray Pattern

How your shower sprays - the “spray pattern” - is another thing to seriously consider before you purchase your waterfall or drencher shower. Some less expensive models describe themselves as waterfall designs but don’t have a full drenching spray. 

If the shower head you’re looking to buy only has holes around the perimeter of the head, it’s unlikely to provide the drenching effect you want. Make sure that there are holes all around the diameter as well as in the middle to get a full spread.

You also need to consider how the waterfall effect will fall in your shower. Will you need a shower screen? You could find that, once installed, you may be sending water all over the place while showering under your home waterfall.


Like your spray pattern, you need to make sure that you have the space for a waterfall shower head. If your waterfall shower system is wall-mounted, you may find that slot which provides the cascading water is at the end, which could provide limitations in a small bathroom.

If you have a walk-in shower enclosure, shower bath or usual enclosure, you will need to measure the size against how the waterfall effect comes out of the shower head. You won’t want it to overshoot you or feel crowded while showering.

Bathroom Floor & Wall Tiles

Tiles and the designs you choose in your bathroom are vital to the overall decor, just like a drencher shower system. Obviously, the tiles you choose will be good for functioning inside a shower, but what about your overall aesthetic and style?

If you want a truly natural feel, natural stone is always best, from granite to marble. If you’re looking for something clean and modern, porcelain is a good option.

Adjustable Settings

When it comes to showering, we’re all different - many people like different things during their shower experience. If you’ve got a lot of people living in your home or will have guests over regularly, consider a shower head with adjustable settings.

Architeckt Waterfall Shower Head & Arm 450mm x 220mm

You should consider allowing a range of water flow so that everyone can experience their ideal shower. From a fine mist or massaging spray to a waterfall, your drencher shower head should be adjustable for a relaxing spa shower.

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