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Sometimes you want to put a new bathroom suite or even just a toilet in a particular room, only to be told that it's just not financially feasible or even possible, especially if the sewer level is higher than that of the room. This is where a macerator pump comes into it's own, offering a solution.

Macerators are quite a technical product, so don't rush in! Take your time to understand what's important and what isn't by reading our FREE Instant Download guide.

  1. single-toilet-macerators

    Single Toilet Macerators

    7 choices
    From £94.99
  2. shower-lifting-stations

    Shower Lifting Stations

    8 choices
    From £89.99
  3. cloakroom-toilet-basin-macerators

    Cloakroom (Toilet & Basin) Macerators

    8 choices
    From £94.99
  4. full-bathroom-macerators

    Full Bathroom Macerators

    14 choices
    From £94.99
  5. waste-water-lifting-stations

    Kitchen Utility Waste Water Lifting Stations

    4 choices
    From £259.88
  6. flo-force-macerators

    Flo-Force Macerators

    4 choices
    From £89.99
  7. Stuart Turner Macerators (Wasteflo)

    Wasteflo Stuart Turner Macerators

    4 choices
    From £218.40
  8. Sololift2 Grundfos Macerators

    Sololift2 Grundfos Macerators

    5 choices
    From £222.00
  9. Saniflo Macerators

    Saniflo Macerators

    23 products
    From £24.10
  10. Low Cost Macerators

    Low Cost Macerators

    4 choices
    From £94.99
  11. macerator-accessories

    Macerator Accessories

    2 choices
    From £24.10