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The ST699 is a 24-hour dual zone timer that is designed to replace the programmer on both gravity primary systems and fully pumped systems, with separate heating and hot water temperature controls. It will fit into the same backplate and is easy to programme with a slider switch, which includes plus and minus buttons. Programming your heating to come on as you wake up to a chilly home or return after a hard day at work has never been easier. Our customers find this one of our easiest to use models with no complicated programming to try and figure out.


  • Compact size so not too intrusive
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Can be surfaced or switch box mounted
  • Includes a battery backup built in
  • One or two ON/OFF periods per day
  • Double insulated
  • Display features 12hr AM/PM indication
  • Power Supply: 230V AC 50 Hz
  • ST699 = 24 hour; 2 On/Off; over-ride facility
CE Approved


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Honeywell ST699 24hr Programmer Reviews

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4.6/ 5
5 reviews
  • Duncan Truro
    5/ 5

    This item was ordered to replace the original ST 699, which was suffering from a deceased back-up battery on the circuit board of the existing controller. Upon its arrival by first class post, it took me all of fifteen seconds to isolate, remove and replace the defective unit since it was fitted in the Honeywell surface mount connector backplate. It took longer to re-programme the timer than to actually remove and replace the unit! Excellent!

  • Duncan Truro
    5/ 5

    Easy Peasy - Changing the unit from an eleven year old similar unit with a failed battery pack took less than one minute, aside from re-setting the time clock!

  • Tori Bush
    5/ 5

    it is now 24 years since the honeywell st699 time controller was fitted apart from 2 new batterys over the years it is still working.

  • Richyp
    4/ 5

    This controller does what it says on the tin. A direct replacement for a 25 year old which had eventually failed. I wont be here for another 25 years to review the next one.

  • Chaostheory
    4/ 5

    A replacement for one that lasted 15+ years. Hope this one lasts as long.