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Anti Slip Shower Trays

There's nothing worse than getting into a lovely hot shower and losing your footing because your shower tray is slippy. So many accidents occur from a slippy shower tray, so this selection of non-slip shower trays will assure you that you are safe and sound whilst showering. The trays feature a non-slip surface with fantastic grip which has been thoroughly tested to ensure quality and reliability.

  1. non-slip-square-shower-trays

    Non Slip Square Shower Trays

    15 products
    From £59.99
  2. non-slip-rectangular-shower-trays

    Non Slip Rectangular Shower Trays

    59 products
    From £99.99
  3. non-slip-quadrant-shower-trays

    Non Slip Quadrant Shower Trays

    9 choices
    From £74.99
  4. non-slip-offset-quadrant-shower-trays

    Non Slip Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

    16 products
    From £99.99