Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira Showers

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira Showers is one of the UK’s most popular brands of showers and the Mira Sport Max is one of their best-selling products. There’s good reason for that too, as it’s a shower that consistently outperforms the rest and gives you an invigorating experience like no other. It’s packed with technology to ensure that the shower feels brilliant, each and every time you step into it.

Brilliant performance at one brilliant price.

Features and benefits:

  • In-built advanced pressure stabilised temperature controls are designed to give a consistent temperature based on what you choose.
  • Flow strength and temperature controls are kept separate so a shower can be fine-tuned to perfection. These settings are also remembered by the shower when it’s turned off.
  • Sensi-flo™ technology gives the shower extra safety and prevents the risk of scalding if water pressure is lost or the showerhead/hose becomes blocked.
  • Limescale development is reduced by 50% with Clearscale™ technology. This increases performance and lifespan.
  • A strong more satisfying flow with Airboost™ technology – a world first!
  • Includes an adjustable slide bar (just fit it over holes left by the old shower kit), a 4-spray 1100mm showerhead that’s easy to keep limescale free with rub-clean nozzles.
  • Hot water is flushed from the tank via a phased shutdown so the shower is safe to use next time.
  • Finished in white and chrome.
  • Includes a 2-year manufacturer guarantee with a dedicated helpline at Mira.

Technical details:

  • Power rating: 10.8kW.
  • Compatible with a mains cold water supply.
  • Minimum maintained inlet pressure: 0.7 bar.
  • Maximum static pressure: 10 bar.
  • Requires 10mm cabling for installation. Please seek advice from a Part ‘P’ registered electrician.


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Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

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4.8/ 5
178 reviews
  • swedebasher
    5/ 5

    Some years ago we had a mira shower which served us faultlessly for over a decade but when we refurbished our en-suite we decided a new unit that complimented the decor was needed, after much research we found a British made unit that seemed to fit our requirements, what a disaster as during the few years it was installed the breakdowns averaged three a year and eventualy one of the technicians who attended caused so much damage that the warrenty company paid for a new unit and we went back to Mira which has turned out to be a good choice as its so easy and efficiant with the air boost seeming to double the volume of water albeit slightly noisy. Also switching on and off takes just the lightest touch rather than repeated pressing of a on off switch as we had to do on the previous unit. We look foreward to a long trouble be service from this unit and also a word of praise for Plumbworld as we cannot fault their efficiency and service.

  • Paul B
    5/ 5

    Product turned up on time as expected. it got installed a few days later and the product came with all accessories, including a brilliant shower head that has 4 different settings. Showers brilliantly and looks stylish and smart. All touch button operations with dial to adjust specific temperature. The boost feature if useful for that feeling of harder hitting water, but works better in this feature when the shower head is raised more higher from your head. However, when the feature is used, it does increase the noise of the usually silent unit. But for the about of time I use it, its not bothered me at all really. Best price on the market at the time of purchase I could find. Great eco feature for summer showers to conserve on electricity consumption yet still provide warm water. (not used this feature yet as not used over summer period yet). But easily heats up near freezing water without busting a gut! (setting at half way)

  • Neil Johnson
    5/ 5

    I've been a plumber for many years and in that time fitted several different makes of electric shower. But in that time for me the only one that stands out and I always recommend, is the Mira sport 10.8kw. I always recommend the bigger 10.8kw, to give a better flow rate at the shower head. Although the maximum power output would probably never be reached, it just gives you the extra water flow if maximum temperature should it be needed. Installation is easy with a number of flexible entry options for plumbing and electrical connection, riser rail easy fit with ease of adjustment along with a nice size shower head, with several nice shower spray pattern options. The only thing to consider when making your decision on the larger 10.8kw would be to consult an electrician on your cabling size, if you are replacing an exsiting shower, as these will need a larger cable to cope with the maximum load.

  • Jason H
    5/ 5

    Over the years we have had many showers and having replaced the bathroom, we decided to go with the Mira Sport having read many favourable reviews. We decided to go with the 10kW version as the old 7.5kW Mira shower we were replacing was quite feeble. The shower is very well built, looks and feels like a quality item and installation was very easy, with the water inlet being adjustable to mate with the pipework whether it be surface or concealed. When the big test came at power up, we were pleasantly surprised at the flow rate, even on the hottest setting. The cherry on the top was when we tried the boost function! What a difference! The flow does not increase, but air is added to the water which provides a truly invigorating experience; a kind of water massage! We are truly over the moon with this shower and it was well worth spending a little extra on the sport version.

  • eric
    5/ 5

    On the day this shower was fitted the plumber discovered that my water meter was spinning madly; it was obvious I had a substantial leak in my water mains supply pipe. Turns out it was leaking at about a litre a second, substantially reducing my mains water pressure. During the three weeks it took to get this leak fixed this shower performed admirably seemingly a lot better than the one it replaced; the water around here is very, very hard and chalky and the old Mira Sports had had a hard 8 years service. The leak was fixed a couple of days ago and this new shower is now absolutely brilliant - loads of hot water, especially since this is a cold April and the mains water supply is still very chilled. I like the boost feature for a minute or two. Yes, I like this shower a lot. Seemed to take the plumber just a half hour or so to remove the old one and install this one.