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Electric Showers

Electric showers are one of the most versatile types of shower that can be installed in your bathroom. Thanks to their inbuilt heating element, they’re the only shower that doesn’t require a hot water feed and can simply run off the cold water supply and electric. Due to this unique feature, they can be used in any household plumbing system and better yet, they won’t rely on the boiler to heat the water. With a wide range in stock from the biggest brands in the world; Mira, Triton & Aqualisa, Plumbworld will certainly have the perfect shower for you at a fantastic price to boot.

  1. Electric Shower Hot Deals

    Electric Shower Hot Deals

    9 choices
    From £88.98
  2. Aqualisa Electric Showers

    Aqualisa Electric Showers

    14 choices
    From £84.97
  3. Triton Electric Showers

    Triton Electric Showers

    35 products
    From £99.90
  4. Mira Electric Showers

    Mira Electric Showers

    33 products
    From £109.00
  5. bristan-electric-showers

    Bristan Electric Showers

    13 choices
    From £119.12
  6. gainsborough-electric-showers

    Gainsborough Electric Showers

    11 choices
    From £88.98
  7. pumped-electric-showers

    Pumped Electric Showers

    6 choices
    From £186.50
  8. independent-living-electric-showers

    Independent Living Electric Showers

    17 products
    From £207.14
  9. thermostatic-electric-showers

    Thermostatic Electric Showers

    37 products
    From £109.97