Nordic Inspired Bathroom Ideas


Nordic design has become increasingly popular in homes, especially now in bathrooms - but what does it really mean? Nordic is very similar to Scandinavian which focuses on making the room warm and cosy. Although great for the winter months, this beautiful style is aesthetically pleasing all year round since comfort is the key priority in succeeding this bathroom makeover.

You may have seen the Danish word hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) thrown around if you're into interior design. It basically means comfort in a particular space that makes you feel happy and content. This feeling can be felt alone or with other people and doesn't necessarily have to be in your own home. The best season for hygge is winter (specifically around Christmas) because the days are always long and dark. Adding some warmth to your home will not only boost your mood but your well-being, too. Read on to find out our top bathroom ideas inspired by Nordic design.

Concentrate on neutrals

Keeping your bathroom neutral is the first coat to your canvas that you can then accessorise around. The room needs to be bright, light and airy which whites, creams, browns and greys contribute to. You'll want to stick to warm tone colours because they bring out the most comfort and cosy feeling when you walk into the room. If you want to be a bit bolder, a monochrome theme works just as well and adds a contrast to your bathroom. This doesn't mean you have to strictly pick black and white accessories etc, you can choose to focus on white and greys if you don't want your bathroom to be too striking. These colours play a part in creating a minimalist designed bathroom, but you also want the storage space so that your surfaces always look clean and tidy.


Don't be scared of pastel colours

As mentioned above, you want to focus mainly on neutral colours, but if you're a fan of adding accent colours, pastels are the way to go. Pastel blue and pink are the two favourites to choose from because they are cute, subtle pops of colour that are very on-trend (especially pink, grey and white). We've seen customers paint the outside of their freestanding baths pink and the results have been amazing! If you're interested in adding colour to your bathroom, you can find all the different ways by reading our blog post how to add colour to your bathroom redesign!


Lighting is key

Lighting is essential when creating a Nordic bathroom. This is why light colours are the best place to start. Most bathrooms will have a window, so the natural light will luckily bring in extra lighting. Of course, some bathrooms are windowless (usually en suites), so bright lighting should be a priority. If you don't want such a direct source of light from the ceiling, you can always invest in a LED mirror which you can turn on and off with a button or touch sensor on one side of the room, instead of lighting the whole space.


Complement the room with plants

I think this is the part everybody loves - picking out plants for their bathroom. There is a variety to choose from and you'll need to research which ones are most suitable for the bathroom atmosphere. Plants have so many benefits to give you, for example, removing impurities and toxins from the moist air. You'll also need to consider that if you have pets that have access to your bathroom, the plants will need to be non-toxic.


Patterned accessories

Usually this would be related to rugs, blankets etc, as they are the go-to cosy accessories, but you can still bring patterns into the bathroom with towels and bath/shower mats! Stripes are a good place to start, but if you've gone for a monochrome design, a bold patterned floor mat will bring the right attention to your bright bathroom.


Wooden bathroom accents

Using wooden bathroom furniture is a great way to create a Scandi style. It links back to using neutral colours and the grained wood gives you that warm, textured vibe that you're after. It doesn't even matter if you want a modern or traditional style bathroom, Nordic works for both!

You could also opt for feature wooden wall panels - these could highlight your shower, bath or basin area. Wall panels can be cut to size and be used as splashbacks (even in the kitchen!) so that your texture and colour scheme in your bathroom comes full circle. No matter what colour wall panels you put against a white suite, they create a stunning interior to your bathroom. Also, they are easy to fit and no grout is required - what a bonus!



If you were adding this style to your living room, then we would suggest getting a fire or stove, but for your bathroom, we love to light candles and relax. Obviously, you'd only really do this when you're enjoying a bath, but it helps set the mood and just gives you that low lighting you need to wind down. Flames can be very calming, therefore you're surroundings are full of hygge. Are you accident-prone? You can always use battery-operated candles which will create the same atmosphere!


Putting these tips into practice will build a hygge bathroom in your home that's inspired by Nordic and Scandi design. These tips can also be branched out into other rooms in your house so that you have a sense of comfort in every room.

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