The 4 Things You Forget When Designing A Bathroom

Bath? – Check
Sink? – Check
Toilet? – Check
Shower? – Check

The bathroom basics are all planned out. You’ve even remembered the new towels, and the shower curtain if it’s needed. You’ve found your perfect mirror, and you’ve considered your options for storage.

A bathroom seems like a simple room to furnish. You don’t spend much time there, you don’t do your work there and you certainly don’t socialise there, so it’s easy to see how many people think only of the essentials when designing a new bathroom.

If you’re starting from scratch – perhaps moving into a new house, perhaps ripping out your old bathroom and beginning again – you’ll want to think about everything that can make it the best it can be. Don’t forget these four fantastic features for total bathroom bliss.

1. The Humble Toilet Brush

When moving into a new house, it’s surprising how many people forget to buy a toilet brush. They’re often one of the first purchases made after a big house move, after the dust has settled. People move into a new house, furnish rooms with everything they think they need, and then realise they’ve forgotten the brush. You could take a walk to your local supermarket and grab the cheapest on the shelf, but why not invest in a quality toilet brush and holder this time?

2. The Shower Caddy

You’ve remembered the soap dish, and somewhere to put your toothbrush, but behind the shower curtain, there’s a very empty wall. It’s not something you’ll think about until you’re standing in the shower and find you can’t reach the shampoo and conditioner you’ve had to leave on the window sill. A good shower caddy will have space to store all you need when you’re under running water – you can hook on your shower gel, store soap and a razor or shampoo and conditioner so you’ll never again need to step out of the shower half-way through and soak the floor.

3. Non-Slip Bath Mat

One of the most important, and often forgotten, bathroom accessories – the non-slip bath mat – could enhance your bathroom safety. Unfortunately, many people don’t bother to buy a bath mat. Others assume that the small grips on the floor of the bathtub will be enough to keep them safe until a little conditioner on the bottom of the bath leads to a potentially serious accident. Protect your home and family with a non-slip bath mat – available in novelty shapes and simple white squares.

4. Bath Pillows

Alright, so they’re not an essential. More a nice luxury if you’ve got a spare £5. Bath pillows let you sink back and relax, perhaps with a favourite book or with songs on the radio. They’re a cheap addition that will make any bathroom a little more luxurious, and available to buy right now online if you’ve not already added one to your shopping list.

These four bathroom additions don’t cost much to buy, but often end up forgotten. Forgetting some could lead to disastrous consequences. Others? Well, try lying back with your book and see what happens.

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