The Bathroom Furniture Buyers Guide

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If you're thinking about replacing your bathroom, you can easily spend hours trailing round the shops or browsing online, looking at all the different bathroom suites on offer. But the choice a bathroom suite is only part of the job. What about all the other things you’ll want in your bathroom, such as shelves, bathroom vanity units or bathroom cabinets? Buying this sort of bathroom furniture needs just as much thought and consideration as other bathroom purchases.

Mix or Match?

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Many of the larger bathroom retailers have expanded their ranges from simply offering toilets and sinks to offering both bathroom suites and a huge range of matching vanity units and cabinets. If you are installing a bathroom from scratch, buying everything to match can be a good option. It will give your bathroom a uniform feel and might work out cheaper than trying to source every item separately from different retailers.

If you already have a bathroom suite installed and are trying to find a new vanity unit or storage solution to go with an existing bath or toilet, it can be tricky to find something which matches exactly. Rather than going for something which is an almost match, it can be better to opt for something totally different. Just try to avoid too many different colours and styles in the one room as this can look very odd.

Vanity Units

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The “must-have” item of bathroom furniture has to be a vanity unit. These useful items of furniture combine a sink with either cupboards or drawers underneath. Vanity units come in a variety of widths and depths, so make sure you have measured the space available before you hit the internet or the high street to go shopping.

Some of the larger vanity units may have room for two sinks, or more than two cupboards or drawers. You'll need space to pull the drawers or doors open wide to get at what’s inside, so think carefully about the position and access before committing to buying. Check that the storage space inside gives you enough room to store what you need and that the space isn’t taken up entirely by the pipework and drainage for the sinks above.

There should be a wide range of vanity units so it should be relatively simple to find one which suits your needs.

Cabinets and Shelving Units

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If you prefer the more traditional look of a pedestal sink, then a bathroom cabinet will provide you with enough space to store everything you need. The main choice to be made here is between a floor standing cabinet or one which is fixed onto the wall.

A wall mounted cabinet can make a smaller room look bigger as it allows more of the floor to be seen, but you need to be sure that your wall is strong enough to support the weight of the cabinet, and of everything which you put inside. A freestanding cabinet, on the other hand, can be moved around the room and can be taken with you if you decide to move house. You don't have to buy freestanding bathroom furniture from specific bathroom retailers as most types of shelving units or cabinets are suitable for the bathroom. Good ventilation will stop paint from peeling on furniture or from wicker furniture developing mildew. This guide to preventing bathroom condensation will give you some tips.

Thinking Out of the Box for Bathroom Furniture

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Bathroom retailers are the best places to start your search for good bathroom furniture. If however, you're on a budget or just want something a little bit different in your bathroom, then start your search for bathroom furniture elsewhere. An old pine chest of drawers can be picked up for a few pounds online in places such as eBay and can be painted to fit in with any bathroom colour scheme. Any sort of shelves and bookcases can also be used in the bathroom, and little locking cupboards which are ideal for storing medicines out of the reach of children can be picked up in most home interiors stores. As before, try not to mix and match too many different colours and finishes as the final result might look very confused and cluttered.

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