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  • Bold zig-zag design in yellow and grey on white background
  • Hard-wearing polyester fabric that keeps its good looks
  • Water-resistant material keeps water within the shower area
  • Large dimensions (180 x 180-cm) provides extended splash protection
  • Weighted hem lets you enjoy cling-free showering
  •  ‘Hygiene’N’Clean’ treatment protects your family’s health
  • Plastic hooks make hanging quick and easy
  • Metal eyelets prevent tearing
  • Machine-washable
  • One-year guarantee covers these bathroom accessories

The Croydex Yellow and Grey Chevron Textile Shower Curtain is a bold, bright option that will enliven your bathroom. The wide zig-zag lines in bright yellow and cool grey run widthways across the white background. You can have lots of fun using these colours in other decorations, to create a unique and cheerful modern bathroom.

Made from a water-resistant polyester fabric, this curtain is durable, and it will retain its colour and finish even with prolonged use. Furthermore, it can be washed in the machine for easy maintenance. The generous dimensions mean that it can provide splash coverage along the entire length of the bathtub, and the water runs easily off the fabric to remain contained within the shower area.  This shower curtain will ensure that your bathroom stays dry and safe while you enjoy your shower, and, it can even enhance your showering enjoyment as its weighted hem prevents it from clinging to your wet body.

This Croydex shower curtain can also contribute to the health of your family and the cleanliness of your bathroom. It has a special ‘Hygiene’N’Clean’ anti-microbial treatment which effectively stops the propagation of germs, bacteria, and other potentially harmful pathogens.

Installing your new textile shower curtain takes just a few minutes. The plastic hooks go through each one of the twelve eyelets and then clip over the rail. The welded metal eyelets are robust and durable and help to prevent ripping and tearing. Additionally, they have an anti-corrosive coating, so they will not rust or tarnish.

The Croydex company has been manufacturing high-quality bathroom accessories since 1919, and this Yellow and Grey Chevron Textile Shower Curtains are backed by a one-year guarantee.

1 Year Guarantee

£16.95 (Inc. VAT)

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