Shower Handsets

We shower for a number of reasons, invigoration in the morning, relaxation in the evening and generally just cleaning at other times so it’s pretty important that we enjoy it. Now you might be in the market for a new shower handset for a number of reasons too, maybe yours has blocked up or maybe it only features one spray mode, which let’s face it can get a bit samey after you’ve used it every day for the past year or more. Our comprehensive range of replacement shower handsets come in an array of designs and feature multiple spray modes so you can finally get the most out of your shower.

  1. Universal Shower Handsets

    Universal Shower Handsets

    11 choices
    From £9.49
  2. Mira Shower Handsets

    Mira Shower Handsets

    15 products
    From £19.98
  3. Triton Shower Handsets

    Triton Shower Handsets

    5 choices
    From £19.96
  4. aqualisa-shower-handsets

    Aqualisa Shower Handsets

    7 choices
    From £42.50
  5. Grohe Shower Handsets

    Grohe Shower Handsets

    2 choices
    From £24.95
  6. croydex-shower-handsets

    Croydex Shower Handsets

    6 choices
    From £13.68
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