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  • The Loxx wall-mounted shower holder is the perfect solution to adding an extra shower head postion just where you need it
  • The holder is chrome plated and guaranteed never to rust or tarnish - Please Note: Product should be cleaned with a damp cloth only. Avoid chemicals and abrasives that may cause damage to the chrome plating
  • The Loxx collection uses the unique nie wieder bohren "Never Drill Again" fixing method and is made to the exacting quality standards you would expect from a German manufacturer
  • Shower head will be held vertically and not at an angle
  • Complete with fixing kit and instructions to permanently attach WITHOUT DRILLING
  • Product dimensions (mm), (d x w x h): 52 x 39 x 39

Fitting Instructions :

  • What Kinds of surface can the Never Drill Again products be fixed to?
  • Almost any smooth or rough surface is suitable if it is firm and able to bear the load in question. The Never Drill Again system is perfect for high quality materials that one does not want to damage by drilling, like stone, ceramic (tiles), glass, concrete, metal, wood and many plastics.
  • Unsuitable surfaces include, plaster, wallpaper and textiles (such as carpets), and painted surfaces which do not provide sufficient firmness and support for surface attachments.
  • There is no adhesion to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, Teflon).
  • Although we have described as many examples as possible, our instructions can cover only some of the many surfaces and surface treatments that are suitable. The user is therefore advised to make preliminary tests when considering other types of surface.

CE Approved

Never Drill Again Loxx Wall Mounted Shower Holder Video

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Never Drill Again Loxx Wall Mounted Shower Holder

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Never Drill Again Loxx Wall Mounted Shower Holder Reviews

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4.8/ 5
12 reviews
  • vasco
    5/ 5

    I needed a replacement shower holder to cover old drill holes in the tiles left by the previous holder. This concept, which needs no drilling, is simple and effective - position the holder on the wall with the light sticky base, unscrew the body of the holder leaving just the base, apply the strong adhesive through one hole in the base until it shows at the other one, then just leave 12 hours before screwing the holder back onto the base. Easy! It looks neat and it does exactly what it is supposed to.

  • Jeffery Hart
    5/ 5

    Had a bath mixer tap that included a shower head but didn't want to drill those freshly placed tiles so purchased this one instead. Dead easy and looks great. I just hope it departs from the normal experience of wonder-adhesives which are normally not wonderful for that long! Time will tell.

  • Rachmojo
    5/ 5

    Our old shower head attachment over the bath broke and finding a replacement in the shops was difficult, so we were really pleased when we could by this on-line, the best features are simple easy assembly, fits any shower head, looks sleek and is compact

  • missing link
    5/ 5

    Needed to fix hand shower to tiled wall and was concerned not to break tiles by drilling. This system was as easy as the video said. Five minutes and job done. Would tell anyone to get this holder as no real technical skill needed.

  • Julie Underwood
    5/ 5

    This was my first ever purchase from your comapny. Top marks all round for product range, quality, price, service, delivery, post customer service. I will definitely use you again and recommend your service.

  • Flatowner
    5/ 5

    Shower holder easy to position and fix to tiles by virtue of the ability to adhere to wall without the need to drill where a plumber does not want to drill.

  • Jazlene Bush
    5/ 5

    Very impressed by speed of delivery and follow up to ensure goods arrived OK. Now just seeking a Sirrus shower head attachment....can't find one anywhere!

  • Alexia Kirby
    5/ 5

    a great product if you don't want to start drilling holes in your new tiles

  • d t
    5/ 5

    easy to far

  • D.Ban
    5/ 5

    Reasonably priced and easy to fit

  • Santos May
    4/ 5

    Bought this as a temporary solution until we can afford a new bathroom. It's not flashy, but the instructions are crystal, and everything you need is included in the pack. Once fitted the unit feels absolutely secure - i really wasn't expecting it to be that solid. Overall very happy with it and wouldn't hesitate to buy more products from the range

  • Abdiel Perkins
    4/ 5

    I love the 'Never Drill Again' range (I have other pieces) and although this is as good, I'm disappointed that this is chrome plated plastic instead of the usual chrome plated brass. Not sure why this had to be plastic - but it makes the piece feel less 'quality'.