Mira Vision Digital Valves & Controllers

Turn your shower on from the comfort of bed with this fantastic range of Mira Vision Digital Valves & Controllers. They allow you to remotely operate your shower while you’re busy elsewhere in the house or even tucked up in bed. These controllers aren’t just a one trick pony either, you can set the temperature, store your personalised settings and even activate the special warm-up mode. Stop wasting time in the bathroom and go digital.

  1. Mira Vision Wireless Controller

  2. Mira Vision Dual Wireless Remote Controller - 1.1797.107

  3. Mira Vision High Pressure Combi Boiler Valve & Controller - 1.1797.006

  4. Mira Vision Gravity Pumped Valve & Controller - 1.1797.007

  5. Mira Vision Dual Valve & Controller High Pressure Combi Boiler - 1.1797.105