High Pressure / Combi Mira Activate Digital Showers

The Mira Activate is the latest and most advanced “smart shower” to arrive on the market. It has a modern, digital controller with live temperature and flow display. The showering experience can make use of pre-set or fully customisable showering profiles via the app. It even has the ability to review and track shower duration and report accurate water usage. Our range of High Pressure / Combi Mira Activate Digital Showers feature stylish designs with revolutionary app control and are one of the quietest showers on the market - what more could you want?!

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Mira Activate Dual Wall Fed Digital Mixer Shower (HP/Combi)
10 ratings
Mira Showers
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Mira Showers
£674.99 inc
Mira Activate Ceiling Fed Digital Mixer Shower (HP/Combi)
1 rating
Mira Showers
Mira Showers
£583.27 inc