Heated Towel Rails - Central Heating

Having a heated towel radiator in your bathroom gives you the benefits of both heating and a space to dry your bath towels. With a central heating chrome towel rail you can fit it directly to your existing central heating system with minimal fuss, and since they’re available in a range of styles and sizes you’ll be sure to find one that fits your bathroom and matches with your bathroom accessories. Finally, the stunning high quality chrome plated finish means an extended life that you can enjoy for years to come.

  1. Flat Chrome Heated Towel Rails

    Flat Chrome Heated Towel Rails

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    From £59.99
  2. Curved Chrome Heated Towel Rails

    Curved Chrome Heated Towel Rails

    7 choices
    From £49.99
  3. anthracite heated towel rails and radiators

    Anthracite Heated Towel Rails & Radiators

    12 choices
    From £39.97
  4. flat-panel-heated-towel-rails

    Flat Panel Heated Towel Rails

    11 choices
    From £79.97
  5. square-bar-heated-towel-rails

    Square Bar Heated Towel Rails

    8 choices
    From £79.97
  6. white-heated-towel-rails

    White Heated Towel Rails

    4 choices
    From £49.99
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