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Freestanding Electric Stoves

Get the effect of a real log fire with all the benefits of electric and none of the fuss and cost of installing and maintaining an open or gas fire. These Freestanding Electric stoves are incredibly easy to install, and you can do so in a matter of minutes – all you have to do is find a plug socket, plug it in and voila! Since electric fires don’t require a flue or chimney, you can choose where to place your stove, it can also be moved easily and effortlessly.

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  2. Dimplex Brayford Log Effect Electric Stove - BFD20N

  3. Dimplex Tango Coal Effect Remote Electric Stove Black - TNG20E

  4. Dimplex Springborne Remote Coal Effect Electric Stove - SBN20E

  5. ACR Malvern Electric Stove - E-MAL1

  6. Be Modern Broseley Hereford 5 Coal Effect Electric Stove Black - EHEREFORD5

  7. Celsi Electristove VR Arundel Electric Stove Black - CEVRSARE

  8. Celsi Electristove VR Luxima Electric Stove Black - CEVRSLRE

  9. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass Electric Stove - E-NEO3F

  10. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass and Glass Top Plate Electric Stove - ACR009

  11. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass and Glass Rectangular Hearth Electric Stove - ACR012

  12. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass and Glass Corner Hearth Electric Stove - ACR011

  13. ACR NEO 3C with Side Glass and Log Store Electric Stove - E-NEO3C

  14. ACR NEO 3C with Side Glass, Log Store and Flue Kit Electric Stove - ACR010

  15. Oak Stoves Black Serenita Grand Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SERENITAEGW

  16. Oak Stoves Black Serenita Compact Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SERENITAECW

  17. Oak-Stoves-Serenita-Pedestal-Electric-Stove-2kW-SERENITAEPW

    Best Seller!

    Oak Stoves Black Serenita Pedestal Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SERENITAEPW

  18. Oak Stoves Black Spa Grand Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SPAEGW

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