100 Interior Design Blogs You MUST Read!

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Given that we’re in the business of home furnishings it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to find out that many of us are interested in the interior design sector too. From our combined years of working in this business, we are well aware that those involved in interior design tend to be very passionate about it and, thus, love talking about it.

So over the years the interior design blogging community has become absolutely massive. Thousands of blogs share their tips and loves with the Internet on a daily basis; whether it’s a stay-at-home mum who appreciates a well-designed room and loves to come up with DIY ideas or a professional interior designer who spends their spare time sharing their expertise with the rest of us.

The problem is that there are soooo many of these blogs, so where do you start? We’ve done the hard work and trawled through a countless number of blogs to come up with our list of the 100 best interior design blogs that you must read if you have any interest in interior design. It was hard to pick just 100 blogs, and, of course, there are plenty more out there that are brilliant too, but these are our favourites and our goal was to make a list that would cover all aspects of interior design. We welcome more suggestions too, so if you have a favourite blog then feel free to pop it in the comments section.

We also realise that nobody can keep up with every single blog on this list, but a good way to sort through the constant content is to add your favourites to a feed reader that will constantly update as new posts are published on these blogs. We recommend using Feedly. You can visit each of the featured blogs by clicking on the blog title above each blog logo. We've also included good places to begin on each blog at the bottom of every blog description.

So, here we go. It’s a long list so be sure to bookmark this if you don’t have time to read it all right now!

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy Logo

This is probably one of our most visited blogs on this list and you’ll see us sharing articles from the site regularly across our social media profiles. It simply has everything you’d ever want to know about homes and interior design, covering every single room in the house to give you design ideas, tips and tricks, and hefty tutorials. One of the best sections is the House Tours they do, which give you a peek inside the homes of people from all over the world.

If may technically be about apartments, but the ideas can be translated into any type of house. So if you only visit one blog on this list you should definitely make it this one.

Where to start? Since we’re largely a bathrooms blog we think that the bathroom category is a brilliant place to begin.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess Logo

A Beautiful Mess is a blog from two sisters, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, which focuses on ‘creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle’. This means you get plenty of inspiring home décor projects, but you also get a healthy dose of crafts and recipes too. You also get to read about the lives of the sisters, which is always good as reveals the personalities behind the posts.

It’s been going since 2007 so there’s plenty of content to get your teeth stuck into here, and with multiple updates per day you’ll never be at a loss for something to read.

Where to start? The 'Home Décor' section archives every post they’ve crafted about interiors.

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern Logo

Here’s our first British blog on this list and it’s probably one of the most influential interior design blogs in the UK. It was created by interior designer Abigail Ahern who uses the blog to showcase her eclectic taste in interiors that regularly set the trend across our islands and beyond. Even film star Gwyneth Paltrow is a keen promoter of her.

The main page is a smorgasbord of beautiful cover images for a huge variety of articles that you can easily spend an entire day getting lost in. Although we don’t think that would be a day wasted!

Where to start? The ‘House Crush’ section takes a look into the unique interiors of homes around the world.

Addicted 2 DIY

Addicted 2 DIY Logo

If you’ve taken a look at our Pinterest boards then you’ll be well aware that we’re big advocates of getting your hands dirty and putting together some of your own DIY projects for use inside the home. Addicted 2 DIY has hundreds of projects that you can give a try, all of which will give your interiors a beautifully unique appearance.

From building your own towel racks, remodelling existing furniture and making over entire rooms – Katie at Addicted 2 DIY is absolutely brimming with new ideas for projects and subsequent blog posts. We just wish that we could be as creative as her!

Where to start? The ‘Printable Plans’ section lets you easily follow along if you want to build one of the featured projects.

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

Designer Tapped in a Lawyer's Body Logo

Tasha at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body wants to dispel the notion that people can be stereotyped based on what they do as a day job. Just because you spend a good chunk of the day doing something completely different, it doesn’t mean you can’t then go home and let your creative impulses fly. And let them fly she does!

There is a strong focus on sticking to a budget when doing DIY, which is something we can all agree on in this era of tightening the purse strings. Tasha has taken what was a very drab home and turned into something that looks like it could easily be at home in the pages of a glossy interiors magazine. She stresses that anyone can do it, even if you have busy lives with a family to look after and a budget to keep to. From the excellent results, it’s clear that she’s right!

Dwell Beautiful

Dwell Beautiful Logo

Dwell Beautiful is a blog by Erica, who lives with her husband, two cats and a puppy whilst also nurturing an obsession with all things home and interior design. The tagline is ‘Beautiful Solutions For Everyday Living’ and just one look at the homepage shows that it more than lives up to that motto.

Erica documents her journey to updating her home (Sooter Cottage) and we’re jealous of each and every room. She also puts a strong focus on current trends and has plenty of craft ideas that will give your home that unique touch you’ve been craving.

Where to start? ‘Dwell Beautiful’ gathers together tonnes of great craft ideas from a huge variety of blogs.

Little Red Brick House

Little Red Brick House Logo

Sarah, who runs Little Red Brick House, is from Texas and spends her days homeschooling her children, but she’s also extremely creative and has a huge passion for anything DIY. She wants to inspire her readers into finding their own style and expressing their creativity so they can create a home as stunning as hers.

There’s a healthy dose of craft projects around her blog, and she also takes part in link parties to help spread the love around. If you want some uniquely creative DIY project ideas then this is the blog to follow.

Where to start? The ‘DIY Projects’ page lists all of the projects featured on Little Red Brick House.

Lovely Etc.

Lovely Etc. Logo

Lovely Etc. is another blog that’s chock full of great DIY ideas to really make your interior spaces your own. It has the kind of images that you instantly want to share on Pinterest, hoping that you’ll get along to making what the image shows some day.

Your author, Carrie, wants to help you turn your home into a ‘haven for your family’ and each and every post will get you closer to doing just that. As well as DIY Décor there are tips on decorating, simplifying and repurposing things to ultimately give you a beautiful home.

Where to start? The ‘Simplifying’ section is great for helping you declutter and clean your home.

Table and Hearth

Table and Hearth Logo

A biologist by day, DIY’er by night – Emily at Table and Hearth is like some sort of blogging superhero! Table and Hearth gather together all of Emily’s DIY craft projects, décor tips and a look inside her home, alongside other content.

Each post is accompanied by the type of beautiful images that could fill up a Pinterest board before you can scream “PIN IT!!!”. Plus, if you tire of home content you can always take a look at her fantastic recipes.

Where to start? The ‘DIY Project Gallery’ page features some fantastic ideas.

Diy Passion

DIY Passion Logo

Diy Passion is another blog that comes from a couple simply trying to make a beautiful home to spend their lives in. It’s run by Erin and Dan, who bought a ‘diamond in the rough’ home near the Atlantic Ocean in the USA. Their positive approach to everything they do makes for a very enjoyable read as they take you through the slow transformation of their home.

Expect everything from craft posts to deep dives into the building process of various projects within their home. There are always some great guides on decluttering, cleaning and organising your home.

Where to start? Diy Passion has this covered with a ‘First Time? Start Here’ page.


Decor8 Logo

We’ve pretty much been following Decor8 since the blog was first established in 2006. It was set up to document the interior design studio of the same name that’s run by Holly Becker. Since its humble beginnings it has become a hugely successful brand, with Holly able to make a living off the site (as well as her other work) and has led to the publication of a series of ‘Decorate’ books. In short, if you have any interest in interior design at all then you should definitely be reading this blog (and you probably already are!).

Decor8 covers every room in the home and has inspiration about just about any interior aspect that you can imagine. Each post is accompanied by absolutely gorgeous images that make Decor8 one of the best-looking blogs on this list.

Where to start? It was hard to choose a particular area, but the ‘Decorating Tips’ category is probably our favourite.


Decorology Logo

The minimalist design of Decorology echoes the minimalist interiors that are featured in many of this blog posts. We love browsing Decorology simply to stare at the interior images that are abundant in every post, and since it covers every room in the home you won’t be lost for inspiration.

Where to start? Here’s a round-up of content featured on Decorology


Freshome Logo

Freshome doesn't just cover interiors, it also delves into design and architecture. This means that amongst all the lovely photos of interiors that we can often only dream of attaining you’ll find photos of stunning buildings and homes from around the world. You may have to be rich to own a lot of the featured buildings, but admiring them is totally free!

Freshome is a site that’s pretty much an essential daily visit for anyone even remotely interested in interior design. Their list posts with titles like ’25 Basement Decorating Ideas’ are our favourite part of the site and we always come away with lots of inspiring ideas to try. Again, you can lose an entire day to this site if you’re not careful.

Where to start? This is another site where it’s hard to say, but we’ll go with the ‘Bathroom’ category.

Bless’er House

Blesser House Logo

The first thing we loved about this blog is its ‘About Me’ page. If anything shows the author's personality it’s this brilliant page, which charts the life of author Lauren in the style of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. Read it and we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have the theme song stuck in your head for days!

Aside from Will Smith tributes, Bless’er House has a raft of DIY ideas that we’d jump at the chance to have in our homes. Lauren and her husband built the house they now live in so they started with a completely fresh slate. But no matter how old your home is you can easily have a go at these projects yourself and your home will look wonderful as a result.

Where to start? As with a lot of the blogs featured here the ‘Project Gallery’ is a great place to begin.

Mad About the House

Made About the House Logo

Mad About the House is penned by Kate Watson-Smyth, a journalist who mainly writes about interiors and design. As such she’s got a wealth of knowledge about what makes a spectacular interior and her posts frequently include the kind of beautiful images that you can’t help but stare longingly at. The weekly ’10 Beautiful Rooms’ post is our favourite due to the amazing images that Kate discovers.

Kate also offers a unique service called ‘Shop Your Pinterest Board’. You simply send Kate a Pinterest board that you’d like your home to look like and she will tell you where you can buy everything to create that look.

Where to start? ‘The Househunter' takes a peek inside some spectacular homes from around the UK.

Juniper Home

Little Green Notebook Logo

Little Green Notebook is the blog of Jenny Komenda, a design blogger and decorator from New York City. Her lovely little blog charts the progress that she and her husband, plus their three young daughters, make in renovating their brownstone home.

Aside from posts that show you the latest upgrade in her home, content also includes great ideas for upcycling old pieces of furniture, many of which are bought from flea markets. It’s proof that American interior designers have epic taste!

Where to start? Take a look at Jenny’s portfolio to see her amazing work.

Making It In The Mountains

Making it in the Mountains Logo

Although Kristi and her family no longer live in the Kootenay mountains, they still have a lovely home surrounded by forest that Kristi is more than happy to welcome us into. They are now focused on renovating this new “fixer-upper” home and we get to follow along as it transforms into a beautiful family home.

Aside from home projects, Kristi also posts a lot of craft tutorials. For example, you can learn how to make an autumn wreath or milk bottle vases.

Where to start? Take a look at the old house tour to get a feel for why the blog began.

Moon to Moon

Moon to Moon Logo

If you like your interior design a little off the beaten track then Moon to Moon is the perfect blog for you. Authored by Gabi, it caters to those who have a taste for the ‘bohemian’ and is a brilliantly eclectic mix of some of the most wonderful interiors in the world.

With 6 years’ worth of content, there’s plenty to get stuck into!

Where to start? The bathrooms category – of course!


Remodelaholic Logo

Cassity runs Remodelaholic and she has the kind of brilliant mind that somehow manages to come up with extremely creative projects on a consistent basis. Cassity’s way of keeping busy is to start even more projects, so you’ve got a healthy dose of content appearing on the blog all the time. There’s also projects created by other people too, so if you’ve got something you want to show off then we’re sure Cassity would love to see it!

According to Cassity it’s all about reusing, recycling, repurposing and remodelling things as much as you can, and it just goes to show that just because it’s old and doesn’t look like much it doesn’t mean that it can’t become something fantastic!

Where to start? Set aside a few hours to get lost in the ‘Our Projects’ page.


Remodelista Logo

Billing itself as ‘the sourcebook for considered living’ Remodelista is full to the brim with fantastic content that you can spend entire days getting lost in. Like Apartment Therapy, the website features multiple sections that cover every room in the room. Delve into the ‘Bathrooms’ category to see such delights as baths in the bedroom and bathroom lighting tips.

As shown by all the blogs on this list, you can find inspiration pretty much anywhere! But Remodelista is one of those sites that just seems to be able to collect it all, so if you’re struggling for ideas then this should definitely be one of your first stops!

Where to start? The ‘Bathroom’ category is our favourite place to browse.

Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation Logo

We love all things modern here at Plumbworld, but we also know that taking a look at how they did décor in the past can give you some great inspiration for your own space. Retro Renovation takes this to the extreme by showing you how you can convert your home into the style of a house that’s more suited to post-World War II America.

Vintage is the key word here, and we’ve got to admit that many of the finished makeovers look absolutely fantastic and give us a warm feeling inside. Plus, if you do decide to model one or more of your rooms on a Retro Renovation pick then you can say that your room is highly unique and shuns the often cold and clinical modern world.

Where to start? There’s a category especially for bathrooms.

Sawdust Girl

Sawdust Girl Logo

Sawdust Girl is run by Sandra and takes us on a remodelling journey that’s rife with new ideas for us to try. Her home is a ‘work in progress’ so we can follow along to see Sandra’s skilled hands make a home we’re quite jealous of!

There are multiple projects here that you can try yourself, all of which are clearly explained with plenty of images so that just about anyone can have a go. Plus, there are plenty of free plans you can download that you can easily refer to whilst you work.

Where to start? The ‘Projects and Plans’ page has everything you need.

That’s My Letter

Thats My Letter Jamie Costiglio Logo

Jamie Costiglio is another imaginative DIY blog. It seems like all the best DIY blogs come from mums – and we think they’re definitely super mums! Jaime is definitely in that category, as anyone with three kids like her will know that finding the time to creative can be hard.

Jaime uses her creative time well, creating lovingly handmade crafts and renovating old pieces of furniture that we then get to see in all their glory. There are also some great tips for simply being a mum and finding fun things for the kids to do.

Where to start? The ‘Build’ category is where all the DIY projects call home.

Design Hunter

Design Hunter Logo

A UK-based blog, Design Hunter has won awards thanks to its consistent brilliant coverage of trends, stunning interiors, inspiration and more. The design of the blog is plain and simple, but that’s the best way in our opinion as your eye then focuses on the wonderful content and not any of the clutter that dominates a lot of websites.

The interiors section is obviously our focus here and it’s full of beautiful photographs of all sorts of interior trends. Although from looking at many of them it has a large focus on contemporary interiors, so expect to see some cutting-edge trends and designs – perfect if you’re looking for inspiration to bring your interiors into the ultra-modern space.

Where to start? The 'Interiors' section is your first stop, and thanks to a single image and title for each post, it’s extremely easy to navigate.

Dear Designer

Dear Designer Logo

Dear Designer is probably the most uniquely designed blogs of the 100 featured here as it’s laid out in a grid format in a similar vein to Pinterest. It’s run by Carole King, an interior designer and writer who is also behind Heart Home Magazine. She uses her blog as a collection for anything that inspires her, so expect features about hotel interiors, designer portfolios, new products and shopping websites.

You can easily lose half of the day by browsing this brilliant website, and you could part with a lot of money too if the number of wonderful products and interiors on show is anything to go by!

Where to start? Start with a look at Carole’s beautiful website.

Pippa Jameson Interiors

Pippa Jameson Interiors Logo

Pippa Jameson is an interior stylist that sure seems busy – you may even have seen her work on TV! Previous experience includes being the Deputy Interiors Editor for BBC Good Homes magazine, working as a Style Consultant for the launch of Asda’s George Home and working with Alex Polizzi on The Hotel Inspector. So when you read her blog you can be sure you’re reading the words of someone who really knows their stuff.

The blog heavily concentrates on interior trends and new collections, so if you want to know what’s trendy in the interiors world then Pippa Jameson Interiors is the place to look. Be prepared to part with a lot of cash when you see the kind of things that are featured here!

Where to start? The ‘Trends’ category will get you up to date.

Swoon Worthy

Swoon Worthy Logo

Kimberly Duran is an award winning UK interior designer and uses her blog, Swoon Worthy, to share her obsession with interiors with us. Her taste is self-described as ‘Eclectic Boho Glam’ so expect a lot of interiors you won’t see in the other blogs on this giant list. That’s definitely a good thing, as seeing something wildly different from what you usually go for can inspire you to try something you never even realised could look good

Every room in the home is covered and you can also expect tips, travel, challenges, likes and more. Oh, and you can also look forward to pictures of her cats and dog – which is always a good distraction in our book!

Where to start? Kimberly has a lovely home with her partner Wayne, so be sure to check that out first.

Where to start? Take a look at Carole’s ‘Interiors Portfolio’.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson Logo

We’ll leave the UK for a while and travel to Los Angeles for the blog of Emily Henderson, a home style expert who leads a busy lifestyle from the sound of her bio. She has also hosted various TV show, works as a spokesperson for Target’s Home section and manages to juggle kids. Although she has a team to help with her blog, she does much of the writing herself. It’s a wonder she manages to find the time!

Her blog teaches you how to style the perfect room, showcases new trends and products and gives you an insight into the hectic life of someone who has so many interests. It’s a bit like trying to keep up with all the blogs on this list!

Where to start? At the time of writing, we were in love with this home of a Hallmark stylist.

Victoria McGinley

Victoria McGinley Logo

Victoria McGinley gives us a perspective from San Francisco. It’s run by, you guessed it, Victoria McGinley, who helps small businesses establish a presence online. The blog itself is a mixture of different topics and isn’t solely focused on interior design, but it does focus on design in general, inspiring ideas and plenty of food.

Victoria often lets us look into to her home to see her unique way of approaching interior design. She also gives us plenty of actionable tips that can help you get the most out of home life and inspire you into making the changes you’ve always desired.

Where to start? The ‘Design’ category is our regular haunt.


Quintessence Logo

Quintessence gathers together a collection of the best in lifestyle. That includes interiors as well as fashion, art, architecture and more. It’s brought to us by Stacey Bewkes who has 17 years’ experience as an art director in New York City before she moved to Connecticut. As such her experience helps her discover the very best in style and substance.
Expect everything from a look inside spectacular homes, book reviews, posts about Stacey’s life and more. There are hundreds of posts to look back on, so make sure you set aside a good chunk of time.

Where to start? At the time of writing, we were loving the 'Nantucket House Tour'.

Design Chic

Design Chic Logo

Design Chic is a blog that’s run out of North Carolina by a mother and daughter team. They realise that you should be creating a home that is surrounded by things you love so you can express yourself and find meaning in your life. Your space should be authentic; it’s not about how big it is, how much furniture you have and it definitely doesn’t have to be perfect. Those are all things that we can certainly agree with.

You’ll get a look at the work of talented interior designers, riveting house tours and more.

Where to start? At the time of writing, we loved this look at a Laguna Beach house.


Decorenvy Logo

Decorenvy is described as “an interiors blog for those who are bored of the high street”. If you’re tired of having the same décor and furniture in your home than your friends then it’s time to go down the unique route and find things that will make your home stand out from the rest. Decorenvy is dedicated to finding things that you can’t find in the big retailers, unearthing hidden gems and obscure brands.

So if you’re looking beyond current trends then this is the blog to do. At the time of writing this recent posts include an origami pot that grows along with your plants and retro travel posters that would look great on your bedroom wall.

Where to start? The ‘Interiors Ideas’ category is a good place to begin.

Making Spaces

Making Spaces Logo

Our first blog from Yorkshire, Making Spaces is brought to you by Karen Knox, an interior design who “brings top-notch creative ideas to the “real world” masses”. Karen’s entertaining writing style, a minimalistic blog design and plenty of gorgeous photographs makes this a blog we really enjoy.

Karen features a lot of DIY craft projects, home renovation and visits she makes to various places around our beautiful country. One of her recent visits was to one of MADE.com’s showrooms in Leeds. It looks so good that we’re going to have to put it on our list of places to visit!

Where to start? Take a peek at Karen’s beautiful ‘Portfolio’.

Happy Interior Blog

Happy Interior Blog Logo

The Happy Interior Blog sets out to make you smile. It wants you to feel happy in your home, and author Igor Josifovic believes that a beautiful and personal home and a healthy lifestyle are key things to leading a happy life. We can’t disagree with that!

The passion really shines through on this blog, and it’s passion that makes people stand up and listen. As a result, it’s become a successful blog, with an award for ‘Best International Blog’ to its name. This award-winning content includes some of the best interiors we’ve ever seen and recently Igor took us on a Danish design tour.

Where to start? Here’s the ‘Interiors’ section.

My Repurposed Life

My Repurposed Life Logo

My Repurposed Life is all about taking old things and making them attractive and useful again. If you’ve ever found something old and battered in an antique shop and yearned to give it a little brush up to place it pride of place in your home then this blog is definitely one for you.

Gail Wilson finds “potential in the most unexpected places” and with her tips you can unleash your imagination and find diamonds in the rough – after a bit of elbow grease! One look at these amazing transformations will convince you to stop thinking of it as ‘junk’ and start thinking of all the things you can do with it.

Where to start? Start with this list of ‘Most Popular Posts’.

Design Milk

Design Milk Logo

Design Milk is an online magazine that’s dedicated to all things modern design. It doesn’t just cover interior design, there’s architecture, art, furniture and décor, technology and fashion. There’s enough content pouring out of the milk jug here that you could spend days reading before you even clicked on any of the other links here.

The ‘Interiors’ section take in designers and collections from around the world, as well as views inside spectacular luxury homes. There are also a number of regular columns that are required reading for us!

Where to start? Spend a few hours in the ‘Interiors’ section.

Refresh Living

Refresh Living Logo

Refresh Living is all about ‘refreshing’ things to make them look beautiful. In a similar vein to other blogs on this list it teaches you how to pick up old things that may have been thrown away in the past and make them better so they’ll look fantastic. For example, a dresser may be looking a bit worse for wear but that doesn’t mean you should get rid. Instead, you can make a complete overhaul of it, which is obviously far cheaper than buying brand new!

Aside from upcycling and refinishing, there are plenty of other tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your home.

Where to start? Start with the ‘Refreshing the Home’ section.

Home Stories A to Z

Home Stories A to Z Logo

We’ve reached our final blog on this list and it definitely deserves just as much attention as every other blog here. Home Stories A to Z is the blog of Beth, who named the blog after her two sons Asher and Zephan. It was launched in January 2008 as a way to share Beth’s family stories of life in a city, but it has since morphed into crafts, design and decorating since Beth discovered the joy of these blogs in January 2009.

Beth believes in “creating beauty out of chaos” which is something we all know can be tough when you have kids to look after. The blog is full of variety, although it mostly concentrates about DIY projects and home improvements made to Beth’s home. There are also link parties, décor trends, decorating tips and more!

Where to start? You can view Beth’s ‘Project Gallery’ to see everything she has accomplished so far.

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