Adjustable Head Mixer Showers

Does your existing shower feel a bit cluttered? Maybe your old shower has a fixed head and it’s just lacking adjustability? If this is sounding oh so familiar then you should definitely consider one of our Concealed Adjustable Head Mixer Showers. The valve is fitted within the wall providing you with a bit of added showering space and an extra touch of style while the shower head is fitted to an adjustable riser rail for ease of use. Traditional and contemporary models allow for fitting in most bathrooms.

  1. Essentials Stick Handle Round Concealed Shower

  2. Essentials Loop Handle Round Concealed Shower

  3. Essentials Square Dual Control Concealed Shower

  4. Architeckt Cascade Concealed Thermostatic Shower

  5. Architeckt Cross Handles Concealed Thermostatic Shower

  6. Architeckt Round Concentric Concealed Shower

  7. Mira Minilite BIV Mixer Shower

  8. Mira Adept BIV Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  9. Aqualisa Colt Concealed Thermostatic Shower & Adjustable Harmony Head

  10. Mira Element Thermostatic Mixer Shower BIV All Chrome

  11. Aqualisa Siren SL Concealed Mixer Shower Chrome

  12. Marflow Carmani Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve with Adjustable Head - CAR7451K2

  13. Aqualisa Aspire DL Concealed Thermostatic Shower & Adjustable Head

  14. Mira Element SLT BIV (Built-In Valve) Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  15. Aqualisa Dream Concealed Thermostatic Shower & Adjustable Head

  16. Aqualisa Dream Thermostatic Mixer Shower Adjustable Head

  17. Mira Excel Thermostatic Mixer Shower BIV All Chrome